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Devon Yearbook- A Separate Peace

No description

Breanna Bloom

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Devon Yearbook- A Separate Peace

Devon High School Class of 1942 Gene Forrester Phineas (Finny) Elwin Lepellier (Leper) Brinker Hadley Chet Douglass Cliff Quakenbush Staff Mr. Ludsbury Dr. Stanpole Mr. Patch-Withers (Sub) Most Likely To Succeed: Gene Forrester, Chet Douglass Best Athlete: Finny Most Random : Leper Most Organized: Brinker Hadley Best Looking: Finny Most Likely to be a Crew Manager: Cliff Quackenbush Signatures Can't wait to go and win the olympics eventually, but I sure am going to miss everyone! Especially my best pal Gene
-Finny I am going to miss this school and everyone so much.
-Gene Special thanks to Finny for always being there for me. Thanks to the other people who stuck around as well.
-Leper Have a good summer and what follows it all.
-Brinker Good luck everyone
-Chett Douglass Thank you to everyone in the crew, great job this year!
-Cliff Quakenbush Good year students I'm sure you'll all do great in life.
-Mr. Ludsbury Sports Blitzball: A new game by Finny. It is every man for himself in this game. This game is meant for fun rather than competition. It has kept the boys entertained by bringing out a fresh sport over the summer. It seems to be very popular, and it will most likely end up becoming a well-known game to play in the future. Badmitten: Becomes a lot less popular after blitzball takes over at DHS. This is still a great sport to play though, and it is more recognized than blitzball in the world outside of Devon. The badmitten season was still a good one this year despite of its lack of popularity over the summer.
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