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Batman Prezi

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Bailey Wiley

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Batman Prezi

By Bailey Wiley The first introduction to Batman was in 1939 appearing in the Detective Comic's #27. He was instantly an iconic character.

The story of Batman is probably the most gripping. When he was a boy he watch his parents shot and killed by a mugger. That is when he made a pact with himself to fight and stop crime.
The very first TV series was in the 1940's and they didn't have a directions to go on the TV.

There are now tons of movies. The original tv show was made in the 1960's starring Adam West, Burt Ward, and Alan Napier. The Bat mobile: When the first Batman in 1940 it was a red Chevrolet. When the top of the car was down it was Batman and when the top was on it was the Multi- Billionaire named Bruce Wayne.

The 1966 release of Batman was the first thing they tried to make a bat mobile and it paid off. the car was a Chevy that the production crew paid 1 dollar for the car. That was a big project for the crew to make the Bat mobile. They didn't have the technology to make a bunch of replica. By 1969 they finally got up too 11 replica cars to have in the television series because Adam West was a reckless driver in the series The First Batman movie was released in
1989, This Film was directed by Tim Burton.
Micheal Keaton played the character of Bruce and
Batman. He lives in the town of Gotham City. Which a man Jack Knapier/The Joker, who is played by Jack Nicholson. He wants to take over Gotham City but Batman wants to stop him. The Joker was the one who murdered his family.

Then in 1992 Tim Burton made a sequel that in my opinion was better than the original. You had Michael Keaton returning to the roll as Batman. Having a new villain "Penguin" as they called him. They also had Christopher Walken as the Mayor of Gotham City. Then you also have Michelle Pfeiffer playing Catwoman. Then we have the not so good Joel Schmacher films.
First up is Batman forever, Starring Val Kilmer, Nichole Kidman, Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones. This one is okay for what it was, I mean Val Kilmer has the potential as Batman and he didn't fail it was just the direction that Joel took it. I thought Joel could do better with Batman And Robin, man was I wrong!!!

Then we got his new entry into the Batman films "Batman and Robin"
Don't just love how he took the worst actor possible to play as Mr. Freeze, I mean look at his veichle. Not only did they mess his character up but they messed up Batman as well. I mean cm'on Joel, GOERGE CLOONEY GEORGE CLOONEY! You messed this film up. Thank goodness for Christopher Nolan.
Just, C'mon Joel Do something better! In 2005, Batman Begins came out, First let me say this was one Batman film I have been waiting for all my life. When I saw the Trailer I was instantly hooked right in. And when it came to theaters I went at least four times. This was intro to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

Then in 2008 He did another Batman film "The Dark Knight", This is one of my favorites, This one stars Christian Bale (again), Heath Ledger, and Aaron Eckhart. The Joker threatens the life of every body in Gotham because he wants to have Batman reveal his identity but everyday doesn't Joker will kill one person.

Then we have the 2012 entry and the last entry to the Batman franchise. "The Dark Knight Rises" This one is the last entry to Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. This one has Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gorden Levitt, and Anne Hathaway.

This is the best one of the trilogy. Tom Hardy plays the Bane, Gotham's Reckoning as many people call him, he breaks the bat. Now lets talk about the games that
have to deal with the Dark Knight.

First up: Is "Batman" released in 1986 this 2d pixelated game is one of the games that when i grew up in the 2000's i would play this on my fathers old ZX Spectrum Now, lets talk about the More popular games that are on the more newer systems like Xbox 360 and Ps3
First, Batman Arkham Asylum, It came out in 2008, it was allegedly supposed to come out only on Ps3. It was a huge sucess. The story on this game is, Joker threatens to kill lots of people at a bank. The Joker Goes down without a fight and Batman is curious of why. He takes him to Arkham where he escapes the hands of two gaurds and takes over Arkham and lets out all the patients, Batman defeats him.
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