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Lao Villaroel

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of project

By: Laodicea Villaroel Weimar Republic The Weimar Republic is located in Germany, and was established in 1919 and ended in 1933 because of Hitlers Third Reich. The name Weimar was created because the democratic constitution was written at the end of World War I. Weimar Republic “All of them should be hung. A stone round their neck, dumped into a river, all of the mishpocheh (The entire family network of relatives by blood or marriage)” Bertha Pappenhiem:
Letter on antisemitism This picture is about a German couple enjoy the outdoors, while a Jew with his Gentile (non Jew) girlfriend are watching a pornographic movie. Basically this means that the Jews was considered dirty, and sex addicts. Der Sturmer Antisemitic Cartoon:
"Jewish Culture" Der Sturmer Antisemitic Cartoon:
"When the vermin are Dead" In 1933, the Germans would measure the size each person's head. By doing this procedure it determined if a person was smart or not , depending on their head size. For example if your head was small you was a Jew or Black you was stupid. But if your head was big you was Caucasian or German you was considered smart. Skull measuring Device, 1933 Going to school in the Weimar Republic was not as bad as you might think. The schools of the WR taught all the students about history as a series of facts.They had to learn dates, names, places of battles. Periods during which Germany won wars were emphasized. However, Periods during which Germany lost wars were sloughed over.They also was given alot of homework , and at the end of their senior year they had to take Abitur, which determined if they was going to go to college. But a few things caught my attention, the kids of the WR was also taught very poorly by leaving out the truth, some were told that they couldnt talk about the "current events " that was going on in Germany. One student said that he couldn't go hiking by himself because it was less masculine and Un-German. Also the same student said that most of their lives was planned for them. They had no voice.

"What Did You Learn at School Today Throughout the years, the Jewish Culture, was always targeted by hate crimes, discriminatory language and actions. However, this was acceptable during this time period, because some Germans believed the Jews were the cause of Germany's loss of WW1.
As You see here this picture represents the Jews as mice, who is harming the German society which is the tree. The tree stands for the strength and power that the Germans have. However the tree is being destroyed by the mice, and for them to fix the German society they have the Nazi's come and gas them, which they did during the Holocaust. Finally Taking everything into account , The Germans was vexed because they lost WWI, so they blamed their misfortune on the Jewish community. However the Germans was so humiliated that they lost "cough cough" forfeit the war, they made sure that the Jews suffered because some how, some way the Germans believed that the Jews had something to do with them not winning the war. Their were more problems that the German people faced during the WR at this point ,It was considered a" sick society", and this served as major warning signs for a rise of Nazi party and the impending Holocaust.
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