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Foundations Presentation

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Catrina Hanson

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Foundations Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea EDUCATION:
Teaching is like being a tour guide,
they help guide students through their voyage.-Colleen Finegan-Stoll, Ph.D My Metaphor:
Education is like learning to ride a bike,
you learn by doing and practice.
Student-centered approach provides for authentic learning experiences Educational Biography: 3 different schools:
Iowa-Neil Armstrong Elementary and Lost Nation Elementary
Kansas-Wamego (Middle and High) Schools
All small schools with:
supportive community and environment
small student-teacher ratio
extracurricular activities
parental involvement Why become a Teacher? Passion!! Great Grandmother:
Day/Georgia Ellen Long time dream Influential Educators: John Dewey:
Hands on learning
Learn through experience
Life long process Johann Pestalozzi:
Child should be given fellings of self-respect and emotional security.
Treat children with love. My Philosophy: Progressivism Student-centered
Problem solving
Group work
Projects Head Start Program: The Future: Not enough time High-stakes Testing Parental Participation Student Diversity Range Global Education: Education must prepare students for a new world Economics Population Technology Politics Human Rights Cross Cultural Global Education Issues at the Elementary Level: Educators Comfort Zones
What they are comfortable teaching? Fear of Change Training High Focus on Standards Sociocultural Influences: History: Legal Issues: Project Head Start was a component of the Economic Opportunity Act.
Aimed at disadvantaged children 3 to 5 years old who would not normally attend Preschool or Kindergarten.
Give an advantaged head start in the educational race.
Part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in 1965 designed compensatory education programs for disadvantaged students.
Head Start was one of these programs. President Johnson believed that education was the key to ending poverty.
It was first an 8 week summer course, that soon became a nine months. The Education of All Handicapped
Children Act in 1972 required that at least 10 percent of Head Start's enrollment include children
with disabilities.
In 1994, Congress passed a Head Start reauthorization act that expanded and improved the
program. THE END
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