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Poster Presentation for Integrative Curriculum

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Iesha liles

on 29 January 2017

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Transcript of Poster Presentation for Integrative Curriculum

Poster Presentation for Integrative Curriculum
What is Integrative Curriculum?
An integrated curriculum is described as one that connects different areas of study by cutting across subject-matter lines and emphasizing unifying concepts. Integration focuses on making connections for students, allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities that can be connected to real life. ("Integrated Curriculum: Definition, Benefits & Examples", 2003)
Process of Integrated Curriculum Development
Determine teaching tasks and student outcomes.

Match objectives to student abilities.

Design the instructional process.

Deliver the planned curriculum.

Use feedback to analyze curriculum and instruction.
Adjust instructional delivery.
Stakeholders involved and their roles and collaborative responsibilities

Work together with companions and understudies

Give materials to understudies for venture based exercises
Take an interest in expert advancement
Self and understudy appraisals
Help with curriculum

take optional assessment to help
teacher better their lesson plans
Participate in parent/teacher conferences

Provide support for teachers and students
Aims, Goals, & Objectives of an Integrated Curriculum Design
To relate figuring out how to premiums and qualities of every kid and make learning pertinent

To enhance understudy engagement and longing to learn

To enhance abilities and test scores

To utilize a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates every substance territory

To advance coordinated effort amongst instructors and their companions, school pioneers, understudies, and guardians
Data collection techniques
Written observations
Assessments on what they have learned

Integrated Curriculum: Definition, Benefits & Examples. (2003). Retrieved from http://study.com/academy/lesson/integrated-curriculum-definition-benefits-examples.html#transcriptHeader

Integrative Curriculum Design. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.smore.com/j7s64-integrative-curriculum-design
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