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TABE Results - Students that struggled with making Progress

No description

Stephen Hirthler

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of TABE Results - Students that struggled with making Progress

The Road Ahead - Student TABE Results That Show Regression
Sanchez 132768
Tested Version R M L T Progress
1/16/2014 DRDC E9 E8 3 2.7 3.1 3
4/2/2014 Limon E0 E0 2.2 2 2.8 2.6 -0.4
Toole 141506
ABE II (Seg)
Tested Version R M L T Progress
12/23/2013 C.S.P. D0 D0 6.3 3.7 4.8 5
4/2/2014 Limon E9 M9 5.8 3.1 3.8 4.1 -0.9
Vasquez 119043
Tested Version R M L T Progress
12/20/2013 DRDC E9 A9 5.3 4.1 7.8 5.8
4/2/2014 Limon M0 M0 7 3.7 5.8 5.6 -0.2
The Road Ahead
Continue individualized work at the offenders level

Introduce more interactive activities

Use technology more in the classroom - short video clips that pertain to the lessons and the use of the document camera.

Promote reading by library visits and implementing the LoudIt reading program when I get a larger Television

Age 32 completed the 6th grade

Attended class 16 days prior to testing

Learns well when paired up with a peer.
Age 27 Completed 11th grade.

Attended class for 8 days prior to testing.

Toole has trouble focusing and staying on task. He requires prompts to stay on track. He works well when I keep changing my teaching method of presentation.
Age 34 Completed 9th grade

Was only in class for 6 days prior to testing. Like individualized work. Switches to word problems or number puzzles when he gets fidgety. Needs more focus on reading comprehension.
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