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Multiliteracies: Mediating the World - Assignment 1

No description

Aidan MacGregor

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Multiliteracies: Mediating the World - Assignment 1

Surely, one small
piece of rubbish
won't hurt? Once, and not so very
long ago, there was a
lolly. It was wrapped in a
small piece of
plastic. The lolly was eaten
and the wrapper
discarded. The wrapper lay abandoned
on the sidewalk until it was
swept into the gutter. An ant spent some time consuming
the sticky leftovers from the wrapper.
How do you think this would affect
the ant?
Does it matter that ants may be
affected by our leftovers?
Why? A shower of rain
washed the wrapper

into a stormwater
drain. A frog in the drain
takes a keen interest in
the wrapper. What effects do the chemicals
released from the plastic have on
frogs? The wrapper makes
it's way through the drain
and into a local creek. In the creek, the wrapper
is swept along with the
current, downstream. A platypus swimming in the creek,
foraging for food, accidentally
swallows the plastic wrapper. The platypus cannot survive with this foreign
object in it's system. After death, the rest of the platypus' body
decomposes leaving the wrapper to
continue it's journey downstream. After many months the
wrapper makes it's way down
the river and into the sea. Turtles love to eat jellyfish. The wrapper is mistaken for
a jellyfish and eaten by a
hungry turtle. Unfortunately, the turtle
dies. It's body also

decomposes, leaving once again
the wrapper to float free. The wrapper becomes caught
up in a large floating mass of
human refuse. A passing albatross
collects the wrapper as
food for it's young. The decomposing albatross
chick reveals the wrapper
and many other pieces of
plastic rubbish. The wrapper continues to exist.
It lays waiting to be swept once
more into the waterway. Clearly, one small
piece of rubbish
can hurt! If you want to learn more about this issue, watch this
10 minute YouTube video and think about these
What can we do to stop this from happening?
How can you make a positive impact? Synthetic Sea
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