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Body Language

No description

Ashley Quevedo

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Body Language

any motion of the hands, head, or body used to emphasize an idea/ emotion
Includes your tone of voice, loudness, inflation, & pitch
Eye movement
includes looking, staring, & blinking
Facial Expressions
Any gesture made using your facial muscles
Body posture
The different positions that the human body can take
Body Language

A) raised lip corners + crinkled eyelids= happiness
(crow's feet determine whether a smile is genuine or not)
A) connecting the thumb & forefinger in a circle + holding the other fingers straight= "ok"
Two types:
A) direct eye contact- honesty or faked honesty
By: Ashley Quevedo
Body Language is defined as various forms of nonverbal communication, where a person may reveal clues as to what they're feeling/thinking through their physical behavior
Physical behavior includes facial expressions, gestures, body posture, eye movement, & paralinguistics
It can also provide clues as to the attitude or state of mind of a person
It can also indicate aggression, attentiveness, boredom, & amusement
Happens on both a conscious & unconscious level
Most importantly, it reveals who we are and impacts how we relate to others
B) parted lips, wide- open eyes, + raised eyebrows= fear
C) furrowed eyebrows + a frowning mouth= anger
D) down-turned mouths & a wrinkled, creased forehead= worried
B) crossing your fingers= "good luck"
C) thumbs up= approval
thumbs down= disapproval
D) thumb up, pinky stretched, other fingers in a tight palm= "call me ;)"
1) Open posture- keeping the trunk of the body open & exposed
indicates friendliness, & willingness
2) Closed posture- hunching forward & keeping the arms and legs crossed
indicates hostility & anxiety
B) blinking frequently- excitement, pressure and/or lying
C) dilated pupils- attraction, desire, and/or interest
D) Widening eyes- interest, appeal, and/or invitation
A) speaking fast- composure & self-assurance
B) speaking loud- confidence & assertiveness
C) low-pitched tone- maturity & authority
D) overtalking- you like to hear yourself talk
How it relates to Link Crew:
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