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Empathy Map template - from working in design to academic career

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Sergio Schuler

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map template - from working in design to academic career

If you were able to make any direct observations of the person you interviewed in action, here is where you describe what you observed (feel free to delete this once you copy the template)
Makes notes here about all the things that surprised you from the interview, and those that challenged the assumptions you had.
"I didn't like how I was treated in the industry. You could not have a personal life and was always stressed. So during my bachelor degree I started to write articles to have an academic career".
"People in the academy know how to treat people better, because they have higher education."
In the academy I will always have 30 days of vacation. In the industry I never took 30 days off.
The biggest issue for the transition was financial. I had to use all my savings.
Got un-paid internship in the university lab for 1.5 years to be able to get accepted into the masters with scholarship.
"I thought Masters degree was something for 'Eisteins'. I was invited by my teacher to try the masters. Without her, I probably would not pursue the academic career."
I was invited later to the PhD, but I was not very firm, because sometimes we don't believe in our potential.
Looked for a teaching job, even thought she would get the scholarship for PhD. Because she felt she was not 100% sure she would get the scholarship.
Now I will be a teacher next week and I am a bit afraid.
I want my students to admire me, to respect me.
If you feel good at work, you will feel good at your personal life too.
I got the teaching job also because I need experience.
I want healthy work-life balance, with vacation. The industry was too stressful.
I need people that are examples to inspire and support me, so I believe in my potential.
In the last 5-10 years I have been working with lower salary to 'get experience'. When will I be experienced?
Insecure because she doesn't have experience.
Some people, including my family, got mad with me because I left my job to get a unpaid internship for the masters. They thought I was not capable to go through with the Masters degree.
I feel frustrated when people say "oh, so you don't WORK, you only do masters?" Masters is work!
Some people ask if I "don't work". Masters is a lot of work!
Young students at the end of their degrees
find the right career path
work is a major part of life and they want to be happy with their work (thus with life)
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