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Frankenstein's Monster

No description

Anthony Fettkether

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein's Monster
Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein is a Swiss man who grew up in Geneva. He studied to be an alchemist at the University of Ingolstadt. He lived in castle frankenstein, where he did all of his experiments. One of his
experiments is the one we all
know as Frankenstein.
The Monster
Pictures of Frankenstein's Monster
Castle Frankenstein




By: Anthony Fettkether
The Monster is the same monster
that everyone knows as frankenstein,
but in Frankenstein's monster, this
monster is different than what you
thought. People think that his skin is
green and he has a bolt in his neck.
This monster looks a lot like a human,
you can think of him as super human.
You might know a lot about
Victor Frankenstein's lab, but
a lot of people didn't know that
the lab is in a castle called
"Castle Frankenstein." This is
where Victor did all of his
experiments and studies to be
an alchemist.
Dr Frankenstein
The Lab
The Monster
Inside Castle
Quote: Neither Shelley, nor Victor Frankenstein give The Creature a name in the book, which has created the problem of what to call the thing since the book was first published in 1818.
Quote: Somewhere in the past 195 years, people began referring to The Creature itself as “Frankenstein.”
Quote: The Creature considers himself the child of Victor Frankenstein.
The monster was actually eight feet tall in the book.
Victor isn't the only one who's terrified of the monster on sight.
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