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Anie: The Shelving, Odour-Free Duffel Bag

No description

Aisha Kapoor

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Anie: The Shelving, Odour-Free Duffel Bag

Anie: The Shelving, Odour-Free Duffel Bag Brand & Brand Strategy Infinity symbol
"Life has ups & downs, just keep going"
Logo is simple and easy to remember while having a meaning behind it Product Overview Placement Competitive advantages Anie compared to Bentley Clean recognizable logo whereas Bentley sells multiples brands, logo is difficult to remember
Anie products promise high quality material
Bentley has a wide range so material quality is hard to identify Determining the Price Advertising Tools Flyers
Details, number & location
Promote sales
Colourful & eye catching
Catch consumer attention Consumer Analysis ? ? 2C's: Consumer and Competition Promotional Aspects 4P's: Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion Competitive Analysis Benefits of Future Investment
...and a Brief Summary Final Price Prices of Anie's Duffel Bags:
Small: $29.99
Medium: $44.99
Large: $59.99
Extra Large: $74.99
*Extra small: available with purchase of an extra large duffel Prices are in accordance to the competitive pricing strategy.
Anie's prices fit the needs of our consumers and help us remain competitive in a saturated market Selected Distribution Method Indirect Channel is the best for Anie
Channel allows almost any consumer to access product, located in Urban areas
Buying habits addressed with this method of distribution
Safest option for Anie Sales Promotions Anie's sales promotions include: refunds, coupons, premiums, and special sales
Overall company strategy is to attract target market
Can be done by incorporating sales promotions that give affordable prices to consumers Product Features and Attributes/Utility Anie has used form utility
Four types of form used are: material, colour, design and packaging Motivation Consumer Segmentation Variables Helped Anie understand type of consumer they were targeting
Age: 20-40 year old
Gender: both male or female
Income Level: $40,000-$100,000
Family Formation: not relevant
Culture/Ethnicity: any
People with disabilities: our product is not targeted toward them
Consumers beliefs, opinions and interests
Hard to determine
Each individual is different
Whole answer Consumers either be motivated to purchase our product due to esteem or self-actualization needs Instead of providing utmost comfort and convenience, do you feel as if your duffel bags make life more difficult? Outline Process of Starting Company
2C's: Consumer and Competition
4P's: Placement, Price, Product and Promotion
Benefits of Future Investment
Questions??? Enjoy! First odour-less duffel bag with built-in shelves
Provides comfort and convenience The market is extremely saturated and highly competitive Comparison to Top Competitors Packaging: duffel bag is purchased in a box
Quality: made to last
Customer Loyalty: frequent customers are rewarded
USP: odour-less, built-in shelves
Duffel for duffel Anie compared to Nike Anie's promotions, packaging, quality, customer loyalty, and USP is far stronger than that of Nike's
Better thought out strategies including unique and interesting plans for the future ? ? ? Who are Anie's consumers? What are their preferences, wants and needs? Anie's products are priced reasonably Manufacturers Intermediaries Consumers Great colours and durable materials...Anie is the way to go! New Amazing Duffel Bags by Anie! But hopefully, Anie will be able to attract venture capital! Thanks for listening! When consumers purchase duffel bags they are left feeling as if they have been cheated into buying a poor quality duffel bag with zero features or benefits...Anie would like to change this for consumers with your help! Market Potential Average amount of target consumers X Price per unit X Average quantity purchased per consumer
MP = 60,000 X $44.99 X 2 = $ 5,400,000 Product fills void in the market, has perceived benefits and is sure to sell
Identified goals, realized consumer's desires, planned ahead to stay ahead of competition
Utilized 4P's in the best way possible
Determined and goal-orientated company Anie is expected to generate a profit and have an excellent rate of return on net sales Idea won't take many resources to create and this will not compromise quality Have addressed questions and concerns, all set and ready to go! Process of Starting Company Purchasing materials and supplies
Manufacturing the product (Setting up our own factory)
Employing factory workers
Paying for transportation/shipping costs
Creating relationships with established, popular retail stores
Creating Anie's website
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