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All About Me Project

Its about me

Johann Saba

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of All About Me Project

All About Me
By: ?
Where I Was Born?
Where Have You
Attended School?
How Do You Describe Yourself
About My Family
What Are You Interested
In Doing After You Graduate?
What Do You Find Interesting?
I was born in ?
I attended 3 schools. The first school I
went to was ?. The second school
was ? and the last school is ? which is my favorite school of all.
I'm a sporty type of guy but I do love playing
with gadgets and different types of games.
My family is very weird especially my ? and ?. They are both really playful and fun to be with. My ? are very funny and silly but when it comes to really serious stuff they are really strict.
After I Graduate I want to go to collage and continue on with education
I like researching in about gadgets and different types of technology and i find playing sports quite intresting as well
Where You Have Traveled Over The Last Year ?
Last year in December I traveled to the ? to spend ? with my relatives.
My favorite teacher in ? is Mr ? because he was the first teacher i had in ? and he is really fun. He makes school much more exciting. My second favorite teacher is Mr. ? because I spend most of my school time with him, like exhibition and math class.
I would be a pilot since I love traveling and riding on airplanes and I would be an architect because I love drawing and building stuff.
My favorite subject is math and PE. I like PE because I enjoy playing different kinds of sports and math because I love solving problems and doing math games
I think the best way i learn is when we do games about the subject and fun activities. I like doing activities where we have to stand uo and do something.
In my spare time I would read a book or surf the web or even watch TV. Sometimes I would do sports in my spare time, like swimming.
My idea of perfect happiness is when its quiet and peaceful at home and I get to play games on my iPad without my parents telling me to stop.
My favorite TV show is Discovery Channel, but I have more other favorite TV shows. I like discovery channel because it shows stuff that I am interested in like architect and building stuff.
I think social media is OK. I tried it one time like using Facebook, but I got bored. Overall from a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 5.
If nobody
I used Facebook. message me etc
I would teach computer class since I love technology. I find it easier to find solutions to things since I could just surf the web and find things right away.
My favorite thing about computer class is mostly everything. From Typing web to using Microsoft office to Ms ?. I really enjoy being in Technology class.
I think the biggest issue in the world is global warming because it effect everything
Thank you for watching my presentation!!!
Hope you liked it!!!!
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