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Battle of Fort Sumter

A historic civil war battle

Elizabeth Rush

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Battle of Fort Sumter

By: Taylor Parks, April Fluegge, & Elizabeth Rush Battle of Fort Sumter The Battle at Fort Sumter took place on April 12, 1861. Fort Sumter is most famous for being the site of the first shots of the Civil War. The Battle, after 34 hours of shots being fired,was surrendered by Major Anderson The Battle took place in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. It was originally constructed as a coastal garrison. and the 86 soldiers that were left.This took place the next day, April 13. General P.G.t. Beauregard the confederate general General Robert Anderson the unions general General Anderson the unions general The Confederate army won the Battle at Fort Sumter There Was only one Union Soldier killed. There were 52 Confederate soldiers killed along with a numerous amount of salves that were working at the fort but the precise number is not known. The strengths and weaknesses of both Generals were unknown. The confederates tactics were basically, that they had their cannons and mortars divided into different batteries to fire on the enemy at various times and directions. The Unions tactics were preservative. The fort was to run out of food on April 15th; the ammunition was to run out about as quick as well so when the battle started the Union did not fire for the first 2 hours and after they did start to fire it was slowly. Finally they surrendered. The Confederates tactics were successful in the end and the Unions were not. The goal for the Confederates going into battle was to take over the fort or to destroy it. The Unions goal was to hold the fort and keep the Unions power over it. We hope you enjoyed our interpretation of the Battle of Fort Sumter. Thank you.
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