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2013 Youth Business Plan Competition

No description

Brian Hampton

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Youth Business Plan Competition

What is your Company Description (a) Calculate your start-up costs.

(b) Calculate your break-even point. Finances (a) Describe your motivations.

(b) Create a vision & mission statements.

(c) List one business goal or objective.

(d) How will you give back? Product(s) and/or Service(s) (a) What is the product’s or service’s name.

(b)What makes it unique or special?

(c) How much will you sell it for? Four P's of Marketing Product: Describe the product and/or service.

Placement: Where will you sell your product?

Promotion: Describe how you will use newspaper, radio, and social media.

People: Determine the characteristics of your customers. Operations Who are the owners/ job titles?

Write a short bio of each owner. BIG IDEA ? Cool ideas are what start businesses! then, it takes a PLAN! Here's what I have learned
about writing a business plan! Motivations for wanting to become an entrepreneur can vary greatly. The most common motivator is, simply, being your own boss! The vision statement states what the owner envisions the business to be, in terms of growth. The mission answers three questions: a) What do we do? b) How do we do it? c)For whom do we do it? Aliya Martin
Designs Jewelry & Accessories Check it out! Here's what my idea won! 2013 Youth Business Plan Competition Winner
Aliya Martin Support Aliya's idea!
www.aliyamartindesigns.com Support Mentor Plus Inc.
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