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The Zebra

No description

joe cupcake

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of The Zebra

Warm blooded or Cold blooded? Zebras are warm blooded because it has fur, a backbone and gives birth to young not through eggs. Do you know what a backbone is? It is the same thing as a spine. For example we have backbones. Do you know what an animal with a backbone is called? It is called a vertebrate. A animal without a backbone is called an invertebrate, like a jellyfish. Every warm blooded animal has a spine/backbone, like a zebra. That is how I know a zebra is warm blooded. Many things eat the zebra species and zebras eat many things too. Zebras eat the most common plant on earth. Guess what they eat? Give up, well they eat grass! You would expect them to eat a strange kind of vegetable. Zebras usually graze with antelope because zebras eat the top part of the blade and the antelope eats the scraps that the zebras left behind them. If there is not enough grass for everybody then the zebras nibble on grass or munch on nice and crunchy leaves. P.S Zebras are also herbivores if you did not know. What do zebras eat? Where Zebras live Zebras live in Africa,in Cambodia,Thailand and also Laos where it is hot,dry and humid. There aren't just zebras living there. There are many different creatures living in Africa! Zebras live in the mountains and the great plains not the flying ones. Do zebras migrate or hibernate? Zebras migrate in search of food or water. They go hundreds of miles to find what they are in need of. On there journey some zebras are either injured or even worse.....killed! It is hard being a zebra, they risk there lives every day even to get a drink of water, because predators are always on the watch. Fun Facts Once a baby foal is born it's first stripes are brown. As the baby foal gets older it's stripes get more black. Then some baby foals get a pattern called shadow stripes. Shadow stripes is when grey or yellow faded lines go in between two black stripes so it goes on the white stripes. Do you know why zebras have stripes? There are two reasons. The first reason was it helps them camouflage during the nighttime. The second reason is there stripes confuse the predator More Facts Do you know what a zebra can weigh? They can weigh from 660 pounds up to 995 pounds. Their lifespan is up to thirty years old!! That is a very short life. Think about it we can even live over a hundred years old. Zebra Life Cycle 6 month old foal Zebras Food Web Dingo Hyena Leopard Cheetah Zebra Giraffe Bison Gazelle Ostrich Mouse Grass Plants Baby foal Six month old foal Adult zebras Thank you for watching!! The Zebra Lion
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