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Eve Lane

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of EISI-Kirlin-Prezi

Strategic Partnership
Supply Chain Principles
The leanest supply chain is one with no duplication from the manufacturing of the product to the installation of the product.
The way value is created today is much different than it has been being created for the last 2000 years. Today it is created 80% by intangibles and only 20% by tangibles or balance sheet stuff.. Buildings-Trucks-machinery- cash

Intangibles are People-Process-Technology; this has transformed the world since the year 2000-flipped it upside down- Disrupted the traditional channels of value creation--the old 80% balance sheet and 20% non balance sheet assets world is history

When designing a new model of a supply chain, it needs to be Customer Centric. One that will create a real time response, that is fast and adaptive, process centered, repeatable, predictable and also lean. This will serve to differentiate our company and our customer through execution excellence.

Global surveys of senior executives consistently rank their #1 priority as Strategy Execution. 80% of companies fail at this. The problem is not the strategy--it is the execution of it.

Checking the heart. If we don't have the right motives and missions, then we will not be successful. We have to be Humble and Hungry. Always learning and adapting--Servant Leader

Solving the problem that will make all of the other problems easier

A change in Perspective. Begin with the end in mind. What are we trying to accomplish? what does success look like?

To achieve a revolution in our execution, we need to reframe our thinking from cutting logs to building ships. In other words, quit thinking only about solving the current problem, but instead, think about how to build an organization that's good at solving problems in general. Building the capabilities that's certain to help overcome an uncertain future.

Realize how pervasive the problem of knowing vs doing really is.

75% of change initiatives fail because the organization is unsuccessful in managing the human reaction to change. Any Strategy Execution program developed must consider how to deliver the expertise and technology required in a way that makes sense economically for the enterprises. Identify what services customer wants to pay for and the ones he doesn't need.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

The Execution Premium
by Robert Kaplan and David Norton
Strategy Map
Leadership Team
Kip Miller
Richy Milligan
Senior VP of Sales & Marketing
Gary Bulloch
VP of Strategy &
Business Development
Kim Miller
Executive Vice President
John Snover
VP of Operations
Robby Davis
Chief Financial Officer
Our Commitment to Safety

In keeping with our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Caring, Self-responsibility, and Being Positive, Eastern recognizes that its employees represent the company’s greatest asset. The safety of each individual is paramount to the success of our company and the maintenance of these core values. It is our belief that injuries and damage to company property are preventable. The company aggressively promotes safety policies aimed at eliminating hazards and exposures which can cause needless loss and suffering to our employees. To be successful, all managers, supervisors, and employees must embrace policy and behaviors that prevent injuries. Only through structure and a cooperative effort can a positive safety record be established and maintained.
Cost Savings Opportunities
When providing cost savings and profit improvement proposals for our customers,
we look for and work to achieve the following:
Reducing man-hours and transactions

Having a plan to minimize surplus product at the end of a project

The elimination of redundancies in activities performed by both the customer and the supplier

Standardization / Simplification / Consolidation

○ Leverage purchases
○ Substitution opportunities
○ Avoiding project delays
○ Seeking quality initiatives / limit problems
○ Opportunities to simplify with software
○ Freight cost savings
○ Using our strength in our partnering relationships to build customer support system
EISI Locations
Our Core Values
Be truthful, trustworthy, and forthright. Honesty strengthens
relationships with one another, customers, suppliers, and industry
Align our intent and spoken word with heartfelt actions, and be found trustworthy and dependable in all our activities.
Impact the lives of others in a positive way by exhibiting compassion and concern, by reaching out and providing helping hands and acts of service in our company, communities, country, and to cultures around the world.
Accept the responsibility that is associated with our actions, knowing these actions are a visible measure of who we are.
Have a positive attitude by looking for the good in every situation because life is full of trials and challenges. Success is measured by how we respond.
Who is Eastern?
Eastern Industrial Supplies, Inc. is a full-line distributor of industrial pipe, valves, fittings, valve automation, and commercial plumbing supplies with headquarters in Greenville, SC.
Our Commitment to Quality
We know that we are only as good as our ability to service the customer. We review and update our QC policies and procedures to meet internal and external requirements.

As part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement, EISI is participating in the NIST Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.
performance system
consists of the six categories in the center of the figure. These categories define your processes and the results you achieve.

Performance excellence requires strong
and is demonstrated through outstanding Results. Those categories are highlighted in the figure.

The word
at the center of the figure shows that all the elements of the system are interrelated.

center horizontal arrowheads
show the critical linkage between the leadership triad (categories 1, 2, and 3) and the results triad (categories 5, 6, and 7) and the central relationship between the Leadership and Results categories.

center vertical arrowheads
point to and from the system foundation, which provides information on and feedback to key processes and the organizational environment.
Criteria for Pormance Excellence Overview: A Systems Perspective

Our Products
Industrial Pipe
Industrial Valves
Industrial Fittings & Flanges
Valve Automation
Commercial Plumbing
Miscellaneous Items
We offer hundreds of the most popular manufacturers and brand names in the industry. Our Purchasing Division is continuously updating our capabilities for procuring product so we can provide the best material available.
Commercial Plumbing
Aluminum quick-to-connect pipe system
Advanced Beta Crystalline Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-RCT)
Welding Machines for Plastic Pipe
Fiberglass Piping Systems
Fluoropolymer Line Metal Piping Systems
Durcor PTFE Lined Structural Composite Piping System
Distribution Network
Eastern is committed to quality processes and have a network of manufacturers and distribution partners.

Because our business is not limited to companies located near our local branches, it is important to have processes, procedures, and services that can assist our regional and national deliveries.
Our shipping and receiving procedures are
under the same scrutiny as our other divisions. Measurability of our internal processes help us to determine the best way to pull, package, and ship material to meet the customer's requirements. Whether it be a local route truck delivery, a regional freight shipment, or an overseas indent purchase, there is a plan in place.
Shipping & Receiving
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