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As Dead As It Gets

No description

nicole phompong

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of As Dead As It Gets

As Dead As It Gets
By: Katie Alender Main Characters : Alexis Warren is a girl who sees ghost in photographs, and she is the main character in the book.
Lydia Small- is a ghost who ends up helping and saving Alexis life, and she becomes her friend.
Laina- is a poltergeist, and she goes out and try to kill two of Alexis friends. Conflict: Alexis must fight of the most powerful poltergeist in her life. Once in a while Alexis has to go through hard times with her agent. The Theme: The theme of this book is about survival and sacrifice. Alexis must survive her high school, friend, purple dresses, yellow roses, family and most of all ghost. Setting: Place- At home and in the forest
Alexis is normaly at home. She is sometimes the forest trying to save the people she cares about
Time- Present Day
Alexis has to deal with ghost and other things in a not so normal life she has. The author's purpose is maybe to inform us about ghost and poltergeists thoughout the book. My mood about this book makes me feel kind of scared, and it make me wonder.The time when Alexis comes face to face with Laina in her dreams made me jump a little. Sometimes it'll make myself wonder if maybe theres a ghost right here next to me when I'm reading. Alexis Warren is telling about her life and what she has to go through. Plot: Alexis Warren wants to live a normal life, but do normal people see dead people in photographs? No. In this book " As Dead As It Gets" tells a life of Alexis Warren who has to save her sister, friends, and family from a highly powerful ghost. Saving all these people that she cares about might lead her own life in mortal danger. Will Alexis save everyone in time or will she be the one who's next in the grave?
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