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Sosha and panda hamsters are awesome!!!!!!!!!

sosho sodo

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of hi

Measles Outbreak In Disneyland
What are measles?
It is an infectious disease that mainly occurs in child hood. This illness is caused by a virus.
The virus lives in the mucus of the nose and throat of people with this disease. The virus can live outside of your body,such as a hand rail or a bathroom handle.This disease can be passed on by touching.
Measles symptoms
runny nose
high temp.
dry cough
sore eyes
small white spots in mouth
red rash usually on head or neck
the symptoms last for about
How did the measles come to Disneyland???
A woman in her 20's got the measles virus and spread the virus. She has spread the virus in the theme park and in the airport. Now there are more than 102 people infected and is now in 4 US states.100% of the people who are not immunized and are close to the infected person will become infected too.
How Deadly If Not Vaccinated??
How Deadly If Vaccinated?

Well That is only if you are close to the infected person.
Why Don't Certain People Want The MMR Vaccine?
Who Made The MMR Vaccine?
How Many Cases ?
As you can see in the bottom left corner, there is a chart of Measles cases. The Measles cases seem to be going down until 2012 when it started spreading again.
Many people act like they are scientists who think they know everything and start telling people the wrong thing.Such as, "You could get autism" or get" brain damage". But real scientists have reasearched many times and they are sure that you will not get autism if you are healthy.
You can get autisim if you get the MMR VACCINE!!!DONT GET IT!
Thomas Peebles isolated the measles virus. John Enders then used it to make a vaccine in 1954. Then in the same year, America had 400,000 cases of measles. Then in 2013, the cases dropped under 100 people. Now, it is not really a (very) serious disease compared to how it was back in 1954.
My Opinion
I think that getting immunized is good.
This is beacause (real) scientists say they are sure that you will not get autism. The people who made up the whole autism thing were probably ignorant.
First you need the rules...

Do not yell answer
Keep your bum bum on your chair
Put your hand up if you want to answer the question
That's it!!!

Who made the measles vaccine?
What are two symptoms that you could get with the measles?
What % can of people develope measles if they haven't been vaccinated?
What % can of people develope measles even if they have been vaccinated?
The End !!!
Thanks for watching!!!
you might get candy.
just kidding
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