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the fault in our stars

No description

Fiona Tschersich

on 6 July 2015

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Transcript of the fault in our stars

The book and the movie
The fault in our stars
John Green; the author:
full name John Michael Green
37 yeras old
live in Indianapolis
wife: Sarah Urist, married 2006
two children
with brother (Hank G.) video blog
twitter 2 million follower
compared with John Updike, Philip Roth
books: looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, The fault in our stars

cancer support group Hazel, Isaac, Augustus (Gus) Waters meet themselves
Gus & Hazel time together
Hazel recommend "An Imperial Affliction"
they discuss about the book
want ask author questions to book

about the Movie:
release date: 02.06.2014
released in: New York City
director: Josh Boone
screenplayed by: >Scott Neustadter &
>Michael H. Weber
produced by: >Wyck Godfrey, p.g.a. &
>Martin Bowen, p.g.a.
executive producer: >Michele Imperato Stabile
>Isaac Klausner
length of the movie: 133min
based upon the book by: John Green
music: >Mike Mogis
>Nathaniel Walcott
music supervisor: Season Kent
director of photography: Ben Richardson
production designer: Molly Hughes
film editor: Robb Sullivan
custume designer: mary claire hannan
casting by: Ronna Kress, csa

Gus has his heart desire and tell it the fairies (an organization for terminally ill children)
fairies make possible: Gus, Hazel and Hazels mum go to netherland
go to Peter Van Houten and will ask him, he: unfriendly & dissapointment
Augustus: full of cancer
Isaac, Hazel and Augustus have funeral with grave talking
I like the film/book because it has an amazing writing and it's a very good story. It is emotionally and funny. In the film they used nice songs and good actors. It is a good film and a better book. I recommend it to all, who don`t see it yet.
Hazel Grace Lancaster, has thyroid cancer & metastic growth
about the book:
-author: John Green
-publisher: carl hanser verlag (germany)
-date of publication: 10.12.2012
-prices/nominations (germany):
Buxtehuder Bullen
Jugendliteraturpreis 2013
-language: american english (translate in 40
other languages, Sophie Zeitz
translated into german)
-main characters: Hazel Grace Lancaster
Augustus Waters
Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster
Mr. & Mrs. Waters
Peter Van Houten
-genres:youth literature, romance, family novel
-age: 13-16 year
-price in €: 16,90€
9,99€ (kindle edition)
9,95€ (paperback edition)
about Hazel:
cancer diagnosing with 13 year old
16 year old
doesn't go to school,
about Augustus:
about Van Houten:
wrotes An Imperial Affliction
had a daughter wich had cancer and died because of it
American man, hates all Americans
lives in Netherland, Amsterdam
good author
visits funeral of Gus
loves Gus
favorite book: an imperial affliction (of Peter van Houten)
grews up
in Orlando
visits Indian
Springs School
by book/film
studys english
and religion
sciences by
kanyon college
wants to
be pastor
after drastic
experiences, he
aborts the educa-
wrotes responses
for magazine


Hazel: Shailene Woodley
Gus: Ansel Elgort
Isaac: Nat Wolff
Peter van Houten: Willem Dafoe
Hazels Mum: Laura Dern
Hazels Dad : Sam Trammell
Lidewij : Lotte Verbeek
Augustus Dad: David Whalen
Augustus Mum: Milica Govich
Dr Maria: Ana Dela Cruz
Patrick: Mike Birbliga
Monica: Emily Peachey

afraid of bind to somebody
visits support group
osteosarcoma (Bone) in leg
leg amputated
chestnut hair, tall/lanky, blue eyes, intelligent, very handsome
lanky = schlaksig
osteosarcoma =
wants to have a mark in the world
is afraid to be forget
Gus: "It's a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing".
very handsome = gut aussehend, attraktiv
17 years old
rare eye cancer
in beginning only eye , in middle: oporation= no eye/is blind
girlfriend Monica, splitted
good friend of augustus
knows hazel from the ca support grop
because of him hazel and augustus meet (recommend it to Gus)
Why do I like the film/book?
metastasic growth = Metastasen
thyroid cancer = Schilddrüsenkrebs
breathing tubes = Beatmungsschläuche
cancer support group = Selbsthilfegruppe für
Krebskranke (hier für
erkrankte Jugendliche)
Imperial Affliction = Herrschaftliches Leiden
funeral = Beerdigung
grave talking = Grabrede
Actors of main

hasn't got many friends
songs in the film
All of the stars - Ed Sheeran
Simply as this - Jake Bugg
Let me in - Grouplove
All I want - Kodaline
long way down - Tom Odell
while I am alive - strfkr
Oblivion - indians
bomfalleralla - afasi & filthy
without words - ray la montagne
no one ever loved - lykke li
wait - m83
best shot - birdy & jaymes young

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