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World Geography Chapter 2 Part 2

No description

Bryan Poepperling

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of World Geography Chapter 2 Part 2

1. What factors determine
what type of vegetation grows
in a location?

2. How does population density affect how people live?

3. How does economic activity depend on land and resources of a location?

4. How can population density be shown on a thematic map?
Ticket out of
the Door
Land use shows how
people make a living
Economic Activity
Vegetation and it's environment
World Geography Chapter 2:
A Spatial Way of Thinking

Mr. Poepperling
SS.912.G2.1, and SS.912.G3.2
1. Explain what effect climate has on vegetation that grows in a place

2. Analyze how population density affects how people live and how it is shown on a map

3. Explain how economic activity depends on natural resources and how it is shown on a map
Vegetation Zones
Natural resources affect
economic activity
- In order to survive, plants
adapt to their environment
all affect where plants grow
-Like climate zones, vegetation zones are affected by
page 32: World Vegetation Zones- list/ draw 3 in notes
- Population Density:
measures crowding
To find density, divide the number
of people living in a place by the location's total land area

It affects how people live
- Economic activity maps
show patterns of land use
- Economic activity depends on a country's natural resources
- Forestry
- Fossil Fuels
- Hydroelectric Power
Unique features define
a region
- Geographers use maps to
organize earth's surface into

- Geographers define regions by several different ways
Ex.- Sunbelt region

What are the 7 regions shown
on page 39?
Using Thematic Maps
to Solve Problems
- As you read the article above do the following:
1. Highlight important facts to answer
the guiding question above
2. Share your findings with a partner
3. Present your answer to the class
How can a map help stop the spread of Zika?
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