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21st Century Skills Building in k12

No description

Dan Getty

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of 21st Century Skills Building in k12

By Dan Getty
21st Century Skills in k12

Create a more enjoyable, and technologically enriched learning environment

Increase motivation, productivity, mood and test performance

Importance of personal responsibility, resilience, and a passion to learn.
Research Question
What can a teacher can do to create an environment that accommodates 21st century skills building and makes the classroom experience more enjoyable?
Lit Reviews
Joseph Liester - Identifys 21st century Skills (Creation, Collaboration, Communication)
video (Three Phases of Education Technology)

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - Marc Prensky 2001

Changing Paradigms - Sir Richard Robinson

Flip your classroom: reach every student in every class every day. - J. Bergmann & A. Sams 2012
Findings "In God We Trust, Others bring Data"
Findings Cont: Solutions
Research Process:
Qualitative Survey Research
Future Directions
Flipped Mastery Classroom W/BYOD
Universal Design for Learning
Digital Citizenship
Develop Student Projects and Teams
Facilitate peer and self learning
What can the Teacher do to make class more enjoyable?
32 parents
22 students

Samples were taken from Byron High School

Sample of Parent Surveys were taken on Facebook
productivity of students using PDD.
What students and teachers already use PDD for.
Behavior modification using reward and penalty of PDD time in classroom.
Admins take on BYOD policy.
Student Suggestions:
"Let me listen to music while I do my work"
"Let me do my homework in class"
"Take time to celebrate our achievements"
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