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Billy Elliot's Footsteps To Success

No description

Rosie Church

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Billy Elliot's Footsteps To Success

Billy Elliot's Footsteps To Success
His Introduction To Ballet
Billy was always enchanted by music, movement and dance but he never really thought much about it until Mrs Wilkinson told him he had a gift.
Last Mountain to Climb
Cleaning out Their Pockets
Billy Elliot and his family had to find enough money in order to send Billy to the audition. Jackie Elliot had to trade in his late wife's jewelry. It was really hard for him as it was one of the last physical things beside memories he had to remind him of her. It is a very emotional scene.
Billy's Beginning
At the beginning of the movie, we
are informed that Billy's mother had recently passed away.
Challenge #1
Due to this, Billy's father had been taking strain and expects quite a lot from Billy.
Challenge #2
Because Jackie is taking strain, he expects Billy to take care of his grandmother. She struggles with Alzheimers and we see that she is continuously forgetting Billy's name and who he is. She also wanders off and forgets where she is, Billy has a big responsibility with looking after her.
These are some of the challenges that Billy faced on the way to success
Jackie had put a lot of expectation on Billy. He expected him to do boxing just like he had and even with his old boxing gloves. Jackie was stuck in old traditions and old ideas.
Boxing Gloves
Swan Lake
While Billy was at boxing, a ballet class was also using the same hall. Billy was intrigued by the music and movement. He was curious and eventually joined them for his first ballet lesson.
Child Of The Revolution
Beating all the
After Jackie caught Billy dancing the first time, he was angry and he shouted at Billy. Accusing him of wasting the little money they do have.
Something Else
About Michael
Billy had told Michael everything about the Ballet dancing. It was an opening for Michael. Billy sees that Michael dresses up in his sisters clothes and puts lipstick on - he knows Michael is different and it doesn't change anything.
Billy Breaks Free
Billy continued dancing behind his fathers back. He knows that he needs to break free and give himself the life he deserved. I chance to change his circumstance and make something of himself.
The Audition
Billy struggled at the audition. He didn't express himself well and he got in trouble for behavior issues. Luckily at the last minute he spoke a bit about what dancing feels like.
He was accepted into
the Royal Ballet School.
Sigh of Relief
Billy Elliot is a heart-warming story that makes one grateful for all we have. It teaches us that if we are determined to be something or become successful, we must work hard and never stop trying. It also teaches us as to not judge people and always follow your heart.
My Conclusion
Feels like electricity
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