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Bullying an epidemic in today's schools.

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caitlyn kerlee

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Bullying an epidemic in today's schools.

Bullying: an epidemic in today's schools.
While bullying may not be a direct factor of depression or suicide it can be a factor. Tyler Long and Hope Winston.
Cyber bullying` Social media's impact on the lives of children and teens in our country today.
Cyber bullying comes in the form of multiple mediums. Facebook, Twitter, My space and ask Fm. These websites along with the development and increased reliance on technology has made bullying more anonymous because children every where can hop on a computer or a smartphone create a fake screen name on harass other children online.
What is bullying?
Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior involving real or perceived power imbalance.
effects of bullying
Bullying can lead to low self esteem, high absence rates an even physical injuries.
The most common type of bullying is verbal in the form of verbal harassment. In 85% of all bullying incidents in schools, teachers and administration members don't intervene or attempt to end the argument and protect the safety of the students involved.
stats of bullying incidents in school today.
Bullying and depression or suicide.
Anti bullying programs and what can we do
There are already a couple programs I know of in place to bullying. Rachel's Challenge and Stop Bullying speak up. We can support these programs and make sure what happened to Hope and Tyler doesn't happen to any others.
I think that some of the most important pieces to think about is that with the Internet, we have a huge increase in bullying. it is much easier to bully when you don't have to be face to face with someone. what makes it even worse, are sites such as ask.fm, who make people completely anonymous. these sites have definitely made things worse. in our school, the counselors get to be in the classrooms a lot and we go into each 6th grade class and do a 4 day bullying unit. this at least gives the students an idea of what bullying is and is not. (Cherie Kanemoto West view Middle School Counselor Saint rain Valley School District)
Bullying can affect many people besides the victims the offenders and their families. Bullying can affect an entire community. Fairly recently Frederick Colorado was mourning te sucides of three students that occurred within a span of two weeks. In the documentary Bully, one girl who had been continuously tormented by peers took a gun onto her school bus. She was chrged with 45 differnt felony charges and the entire community was impacted by this girl's arrest all because she wa tired of being bullied and wanted to scare the people on the bus.
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