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The Cold War

No description

Heaven Johnson

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Cold War

What was The Cold War?
During the Cold War there was not any real fighting like there was in the World Wars. The Cold War was the two countries "arguing" about which country could make a better weapon. Also the U.S. was fighting for democracy and the Soviet Union was fighting for communism.
Who was involved?
The United States and the Soviet Union were in the Cold War.
When was the Cold War?
The Cold War started in 1945 after WW ll. The Cold War ended in 1989. The Cold War lasted 44 years!
Why did they have The Cold War?
How was The Cold War a war?
During The Cold War they didn't fight like killing each other fight they "fought" for their beliefs. Which were the U.S. for Democracy and the Soviet Union for Communism.
The Cold War
Where did the Cold War take place?
The Cold War took place in the Soviet Union, USA, Europe, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, and East Asia.
The U.S. was a capitalist democracy and the USSR was a communist dictatorship. Both sides believed that they held the key to the future happiness of the human race.
What was The Korean War?
The Korean War was another conflict that was part of the cold war. The Korean War was still a "war without war". In the Korean War, Russia, and America fought through other people "at arms length" and this avoided direct armed conflict.
What was the Vietnam war?
The prolonged struggle between nationalist forces attempting to unify the country of Vietnam a communist government and the U.S. attempting to prevent the spread of communism. The Vietnam War has become a benchmark for what
to do in all future U.S. foreign conflicts.
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