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One Direction Trivia

No description

j sand

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of One Direction Trivia

One Direction Trivia
Which two boys have the same middle name?
a.) Zayn and Louis
b.) Niall and Liam
c.) Harry and Niall
d.) Harry and Louis

Whose birthday is on
Christmas Eve?
a.) Harry
b.) Liam
c.) Louis
d.) Zayn
Who is the oldest?
a.) Liam
b.) Harry
c.) Zayn
d.) Louis
Who is the youngest?
a.) Louis
b.) Harry
c.) Zayn
d.) Niall
Which boy is not from England?
a.) Louis
b.) Zayn
c.) Liam
d.) Niall
Which boy was in the band
White Eskimo?
a.) Harry
b.) Louis
c.) Liam
d.) Niall
On which TV show
did the boys meet?
a.) The Voice
b.) American Idol
c.) xFactor
d.) BBC1
Which boy changed the spelling of his first name?
a.) Louis "Louie"
b.) Zayn "Zain"
c.) Niall "Neil"
d.) Harry "Harreh"
Which boy bought a house
for his parents?
a.) Louis
b.) Zayn
c.) Harry
d.) Niall
Which boy ran cross country
in high school?
a.) Niall
b.) Liam
c.) Harry
d.) Louis
Who named the band?
a.) Harry
b.) Liam
c.) Simon
d.) All
What was their first single?
a.) What Makes You Beautiful
b.) Up All Night
c.) Best Song Ever
d.) Give Me Love
What was their first album?
a.) Plus
b.) Red
c.) Up All Night
d.) Icon
What Are Their Fans Called?
a.) Swifties
b.) Directioners
c.) Sheerios
d.) Monsters
What were their nicknames for the video diaries in 2010?
a.) Boys On The Stairs
b.) British 5
c.) Cowell's Cows
d.) The A-Team
Who refused to dance at Bootcamp?
a.) Louis
b.) Niall
c.) Liam
d.) Zayn
Who shaved his head?
a.) Zayn
b.) Liam
b.) Louis
c.) Niall
Who has twin sisters?
a.) Niall
b.) Liam
c.) Louis
d.) Zayn
Who has a smiley face
in his signature?
a.) Niall
b.) Harry
c.) Louis
d.) Simon
What charity did the boys raise over 500,000 Euros for?
a.) Love Underdogs
b.) Comic Relief
c.) Diema's Dream
d.) Lupus Charity
c) Louis
Louis Tomlinson was born December 24, 1991.
d) Louis
Even though Louis might be the least mature, he's the oldest at twenty-one years old.
b) Harry
Harry was born Feb. 2, 1994, and is only nineteen years old.
d) Niall
Niall is actually Irish. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.
a) Harry
Harry was the lead singer in his high school band, White Eskimo.
c) xFactor
One Direction met each other at the British xFactor in 2010.
b) Zayn "Zain" Javaad Malik
Zayn was originally named Zain Javaad.
b) Zayn
Yaser Malik, father
Patricia Malik, mother
Doniya Malik, sister
Waliyha Malik, sister
Safaa Malik, sister
b) Liam
Liam ran on his high school cross country team.
a) Harry
Harry named the band One Direction because he wanted it to sound nice when the xFactor announcer said it.
a) What Makes You Beautiful
What Makes You Beautiful (WMYB) was also their first music video.
c) Up All Night
Up All Night was released November 18, 2011.
b) Directioners
a) Boys On The Stairs
After each Live Show, the boys would gather on the basement steps of the xFactor mansion to film the video diaries.
d) Zayn
Zayn was embarrassed to dance on stage and refused to go on. Simon then headed back to find him, forcing him to dance.
b) Liam
Liam shaved his whole head in early 2012.
c) Louis
Louis has three sisters, Lottie, then the twins, Phoebe and Daisy.
c) Louis
b) Comic Relief
On Red Nose Day, the boys came out with a cover of "One Way Or Another," along with a music video.
b) Niall and Liam
Both Niall and Liam share the same middle name, "James."
The One Direction fandom is one of the biggest fandoms in the world.
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