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census for school

creating a census for what the senior students at the amg school on what they want the money raised to be spent on.

Gabriel Yap

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of census for school

Our survey of the AMG students
(senior grades)

By: Thanushane .J, Ernesto .C, and Gabriel .Y
our results on our sports survey!!!
these were our results for our sport category. soccer was the clear victor. soccer took the lead with 17 votes
Our results on our academic survey
this chart shows the results of our academic category. staplers and hole punchers won with 3 votes. scissors/ lefty were tied for second with 2 votes.
the results of the events survey
as you can see class trips won by a mile. it had 26 votes. dances came in second with 16 votes.
The Introduction
Class trips was the final winner with the most votes. In total we surveyed 98 people. We surveyed people by asking them what category they wanted the most. After they answered we showed the student all the options on the category they chose. After they chose what they wanted the most we tallied it down. So only one person could chose one thing that is why there was a great flux when it came to academic materials. So this was the result of our surveys
Some Trips for Grade 7 and 8
Since a lot of the majority of the of the grade 7 and 8 prefer class trips, some of our suggestions are Boulder z Climbing Center. It cost for one grade 7 or 8 class rooms which is 20 students per class, will be $157.53 and also students will pay bus fair. Another suggestion is Christie pits. it is a open park. students just have to pay for bus fair. other than that no money has to be pay and if we go the spring or summer then there are many sports to play. and in the winter there are hills that students can slide and have fun on.
sample of A.M.G and the
grove junior grades
sports survey
soccer won by a whole lot. it won with 50 votes. in second was basketball with only 5 votes. this was our results on a graph.
academic survey
we only had a total of one person who wanted an academic item or material. it was that only one person wanted an electric pencil so we decided that that we should get one or two pencil sharpeners
events survey
class trips won with 14 votes. in second was fun days with 4 votes. we decided that we should use some of the money on class trips because it had the second most amount of votes.
this was our conclusion. we decided that we would spend our money on soccer equipment, class trips and some academic materials because soccer and trips had the most of their category and we decided to spend a bit on school materials.
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