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Sofia Lugton

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Clogging

Clogging About Clogging Who Would Dance This? What elements of dance are used in this dance? Why Do People Clog? Where did this dance originate? Map Of Appalachian Region Clogging is a type of folk dance where the footwear is used with the heal, the toe, or both against any floor. Clogging is considered as the first form of street dance because it was danced mostly in urban environments. Clogging is for anyone but more from people from the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. Its more of their style of dancing and music. Also African Americans would also clog because of the rhythm and the beat of the song and the dancing. Clogging was more for fun because everyone would learn how to do it and it was a tradition for you to learn how to clog in some countries. People would also do it for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. It was a tradition to learn how to clog in places like Chesire and Yorkshire (England). Still today, people still do it for fun. It isn't the same as tap dancing, but it is very similar. The only difference is that tap shoes are medal souls and clogs are wooden. Clogging originated from the Appalachian region of the U.S. It was developed through a combination of dances from people from Scotland, Ireland, England & Holland. By putting those dances together, it created clogging. This dance came to North America from the people from Ireland and England etc. and they put all their dance styles together to form clogging. After that, it was travelled over to America and just started to attract around North America. The cultural group that began clogging were the places in Europe like England and the Netherlands. Where Would People Clog? Clogging would be danced anywhere like on the streets for a quick performance, at a special occasion, mostly at a stage for a presentation or competition and even at your house to waste time. Even though clogging is more of a competition dance, it is also a tradition for people to do it anywhere and also for entertainment on the streets. Elements Of Dance Body- there is a lot of locomotive moments like jumping from one place to another.
Space- They used most of the stage and their level stayed the same throughout the dance. Their formation stayed the same and they made it look clean.
Time- They were all in sync and they followed the exact beat of the music. The dance didn't accelerate or decelerate they just stayed at the same pace the whole time. There wasn't any pauses or freezes throughout the performance.
Energy- They put a lot of effort into it. The dance moves all went into eachother and there wasn't any breaks or pauses.
Relationship- There wasn't a lead they all did everything at the same time and one didn't stand out in the front or the middle. There was no emotional connection between the dancers. When was clogging popular? Bibliography http://wikipedia.org/wiki/clogging http://wiki.answers.com

http://www.google.ca/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi Video- http://youtube.com During the 1970's, clogging got more and more popular. The main time when clogging was popular was the late 1970's and the 1980's because of the line dance. When people put the styles together, they realized that it fit into country dancing like square dancing and line dancing. People classify clogging as "country dancing". Even though clogging was more popular in the 70's and 80's, it is still very popular in this time. http://www.doubletoe.com/history.htm Did You Know? Did you know that clogging was around since the 18th century!
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