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Riana-lynn B. Klisus

Mr. Stack

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of SEWING

By Riana-lynn B. Klisus
Getting the Materials
First I had to choose what I wanted to do. I chose to make an infinity scarf, a purse, and a circle skirt. I went to Joann with my grandmother and bought material for the infinity scarf and the purse. I got a pretty cotton for the infinity scarf. I got a different cotton for the purse. I used a pretty stretch material for the circle skirt.
The Infinity Scarf
First I cut the material so it was 10 inches by 36 inches. Then I folded the fabric in half with the pattern on the inside. I sewed along the seam and then ironed it before turning it right side out. Then I sewed the two ends together completing the scarf.
The Purse
I used a large brown paper bag to create a template for the purse. This allowed me to know how big to make all of the material pieces. I then cut the outer material, badding, and the inner material for the front and back of the purse. I started sewing together the badding, inner and outer material together for both sides. My grandmother helped me with closing the top part. I then cut and sewed the badding and material for the strap. After that I sewed the strap, and two pieces of the bag together. Finally I hand sewed a button and a hook and eye to complete the purse.
The Circle Skirt
For my skirt I measured my waist and then divided by 6.28 to find the ratio. I took construction paper and on one corner I drew a quarter-circle ratio. I then decided what my length would be- I decided on 16 inches but bought 36 inches of fabric (always buy more than you need). I then cut out my paper pattern after I put in a quarter circle for my length. I cut a square of stretch fabric 32"x32" and folded it in half twice to get quarters. I put the pattern on the fabric and cut it out. This is the main part of the skirt. I then cut out a waistband. I sewed the waistband and then cut one straight line down the main skirt piece. I then sewed the waistband to the main skirt. I finally sewed the skirt back together.
YouTube Videos!
For the infinity scarf- How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

For the circle skirt- DIY Circle Skirt (no-zip method)

I did not use a video for my purse!:)
The Stitches
Here I have some sample stitches that I did to get to know how to use the sewing machine. From left to right I made 3 straight lines with 10, 7, and 20 stitches per second. Then I have the left facing mountain, valley pattern and 2 zig-zag stitches and a right facing mountain, valley stitch. I have a wide zig-zag stitch, a bumpy zig-zag stitch, another straight stitch and then 2 crown stitches.
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