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Cisco case study By Brian Monaghan

No description

Brian Monaghan

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Cisco case study By Brian Monaghan

How would you coach Ehud Oentung on his first encounter with Cisco’s ranking system?
Thank you for your attention
The Team

Cisco provides networking technology
The Silicon Valley Giant is the worldwide leader in
wireless communications,
Founders of Cisco
Len Bosack
Sandy Lerner
Experimenting at Stanford University to connect detached networks in two separate buildings on campus.
Cisco is helping to modernise the health care system
Cisco enables students in more than 160 countries
Promote Zhou
Controversy between Testes and Developers
Promotion & Rotation
Ensure employees don't get stale
Understand the entire business
If you were in Raznjevic’s position, would you promote Jasmine Zhou? Why or why not?
What, if anything, would you do about the blast e-mail? Be specific?
1)Explain the benefits of the system to Ehud Oentung

• Provides motivation
• Increased productivity

2)Explain why bonuses all-round would not work

• Undermine the system
• Employees would become too comfortable


• Conflict

• Language

• Communication

Key lessons that you learnt in this case about managing in another country?
selecting a team depends on several factors besides their culture.
Cisco Case Study
Features and Advantages of having multi cultures team members:
• Having multi cultures members in the team or group means have different experience, skills and knowledges.
• Different ways of thinking and analysing information , developing and solving problems
• Sharing information, opinions and experiences to achieve company goals efficiency and effectively.
• Integrating and completing team to work in different areas .
• Saving time when cooperating and working together.

Daniel P uche:
• French Canadian
• PhD in physics
• Work in Montreal and around the world
• Joined in Cisco as division Manager and expert

Ted Curran
• Irish
• Degree in computer science
• Works as technology expert

Ivo Raznjevic
• Croatia
• Undergraduate in math 1989 & master in computer science
• In 1994 works in Cisco in San Jos

Jerry Chen
• US ,Chinese
• Master in computer science
• Work in Cisco since graduating as software developer.

Jennifer Fay
Yung ChianTeo
TJ Forde
Craig Sheriff
Abdulmohsin Al Abdulmohsin
Brian Monaghan

3)Show how disappointment can be turnED into positivity

• Source of motivation
• Employees will excel to achieve financial gain
Every country has its own
obstruct the progression of the company

Importance of communication
Respond directly to the uk branch
Future communications
esprit de corps

corporations should have a culture attitude
Business cultural differences
Promote Zhou
Controversy between testers and developers

Promotion & rotation - ensure employees don't get stale
understand the entire business
If you were in Raznjevic’s position, would you promote Jasmine Zhou? Why or why not?
Culture differences
open house, ang pau & gifts
private sector
directive style of management
Cisco are trying to encourage a more innovative
In a social context
In a work setting
the irish in general
employees talking during work
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