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Ella Bergmann-Michel

No description

laura torres

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Ella Bergmann-Michel

Later In Life
Between 1933 and 1945 the pressure of political events made artistic activity hazardous and she stayed intermittently in London. During the 1950s she gave lectures on the development of modern painting and avant-garde films and in the 1960s continued her development of Prism Pictures
My Famous German
Birth & Death
Born: 1896 Paderborn, Germany

Died: 1972 Vockenhausen, Germany in August
Early Years
From 1917 to 1920 she studied at Weimer under the German painter Walter Klemm. After graduating, she set up her own studio, where she produced a number of abstract colloages.
Moving Forward
In 1920 she moved to Frankfurt, the Schmelzmuhle, became the meetting-place for many artists, including Schwitters, who became a lifelong friend. In 1923 she developed her first Prism Pictures and between 1927 and 1923 she traveled with her husband, Robert Michel and with Schwitters to the Netherlands, where she made contact with Mondrian. During this time she also worked with Film League In Frankfurt, where many of her films and photos were produced
About the Art
Her early pictures were concerned with a structural interpretation of reality and concentrated on the abstract shapes and contrasts formed by railings and wooden beams. Increasingly she turned to banal subject-matter, to the minutiae of life, for example a woman shutting a door or descending a stairway. The series of photographs such as the Serie Standschnitte, the Serie Gliebisbau and the Serie Sonntag were concerned with repition and sequence linked to the passage of time
Ella Bergmann-Michel
A female german photographer
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