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ALEC & Prezi Introduction

This is a Prezi that shows you how to log in to ALEC & Prezi and shows your their features.

Matt's Math

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of ALEC & Prezi Introduction

Think about math this way... Math is exciting! Try scrolling around to see what you can find. Math is so much bigger than just one chapter or one lesson. With your mouse or finger(s), you can zoom in, zoom out, all with the click/touch of a frame (like the brackets here, or the circle there). Use the wheel on the mouse or pinch/spread two fingers on the screen to move in and out. Well So let's explore math with Prezi. One thing.. Another And Finally ALEC & Prezi So.... This one's small :) Photo credits: 'clouds'
by mattpacione So... So, if you miss a lesson, you can go online to watch the Prezis, in case you have any questions about what you missed. you can take quizzes & tests ... discuss a topic in a forum ... watch videos ... go through my Prezis ... and many more activities. With ALEC... Yippee!! You found the secret spot! You get 5 extra credit points. Come up to me and say, "Blue Monkeys" and you will get the points. You get 5 points of extra credit! Come up to me and say, "Starbucks" and I'll give you the points. Using the right tools, you can soar. What if you could zoom around a canvas like it was a work of art while learning math? That's exactly what Prezi is. Prezi: That's the power of art & math. If you get lost, use the left & right arrows to go forward & back to get to where you were. If you want to skip this video, click forward. all with What kind of hair you have. How we see colors. Everything we can see can be explained with math. You will have your lessons on ALEC, too. We will use ALEC to see our assignments.
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