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Resumes and Samples

No description

Jimmie Smith

on 22 July 2016

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Transcript of Resumes and Samples

Resumes and Samples
1. Be neat, clean, and concise.
2. Use standard form.
3.Use nice paper
4.Be accurate.
6.Alway include a cover letter.
7.No standard order.
Your Prior Employment Record
a. When you have little, or no, work experience.
b.When you have work experience
c.Personal Data
e. Accomplishments
Types of Resumes
Chronological -
Most common resume format.
Functional -
Highlights your skills and accomplishments rather than your work history.
- Uses aspects of both chronological and functional formats.

Creative Resumes for Creative Professions
a. Creative director will be looking at your resume.
b.Must show your creative ability.
c. Resume must stand out from the rest.
Overall Design
Apply all of your talent, education, and knowledge of spatial relationships
Layout should showcase your particular talents (resume is a portfolio sample)
Show your abilities with limited space.
Resume Questions
1. What in your background do you want to "play down" in your resume?
2. What do you want to emphasize?
3.What type of resume fits your background?
The Job Search Through the Resume
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