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How to get a decent postdoc position

Presented for PhD students at Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems (D3S), Charles University in Prague, 22nd September 2010. http://d3s.mff.cuni.cz/~sery

Ondrej Sery

on 21 September 2010

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Transcript of How to get a decent postdoc position

How to get a decent postdoc position Ondrej Sery Why? Where? How? Experience
Thick point in CV Best places possible

Warning: Everybody is slightly biased Position application
check list: Find a victim
E-mail introduction
Phone call
Visit: talk + interview
Getting the offer Top conferences, top papers, ...
Don't be afraid of "unknown" people 1) Be brief
2) Set yourself apart

3) Add everything usefull Introduction e-mail cookbook Invest time
Show research experience
Show developing experience
List at least two foreign references
Triplecheck grammar CV
Research statement
1-2 recent (related) papers Can speak
Can speak english
Know the topic a bit You are not a fraud Phone call goal: Talk + Interview goal: You can give a technical talk

You will fit the team

You are generally smart enough No real interest in the topic you choose Enthousiastic, easy-going, ... Choosing a specific person Prefer those you have met

Even indirectly And do mention it

Visited their talk, Used their
tool, ... Work on these early!!! This is VERY important
You need strong references e.g., from D3S project partners
ask your references in advance Work on these early!!! When to start? When ? Knowing top venues

Research & devel. experience


Start looking for a position After the 1st year of studies Devote as much time as possible Look for them actively! Approx. a year before defense
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