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Happy Birthday Milan

You are turning 30 :)

Raquel GP

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Milan

03 January 2014
Waiting your
scared at the
thought of it?
Your new 3 is
going to be awesome!
Moje Lasko
yes you,,,
hey you!!
It is going to be 03 January
very soon...
not true Amor!
I am here to embrace
the new 3 with you...
a girl from Spain..
a boy from Czech Republic...
Meet in Sofia
On 30th May 2013..
after some days arrived first mail..
and we started a long traffic of mails that finished in long night conversations in Whatsapp..
despite 1600 km that distanced us..

despite the long break due to "no internet in Cuba"

nothing impeded that everyday we needed to know more of the other
and in this way we started...
and the first meet arrived :)
PRAHA - September 2013
so short was.. and so intensive..
that we needed to repeat one week later :)
PRAHA - September 2013
so much love...
and so much Slivovice :)
Time to meet
VALENCIA - October 2013
VLC... altea.. paella.. pescadito frito y ...
Celta de Vigo :)
lets continue in SPAIN :)
BARCELONA - October 2013
AMSTERDAM - November 2013
PARIS - December 2013
so romantic was..

next destination...
ROME - Milan Bday Celebration
first, let me tell you a story..
a LOVE story :)
I cannot express the amount of love I wish I could show to you
so in love with
So no matter what we go through
no matter how hard
no matter how long
no matter how doubtful it seems
I want you to know
that I will always be here for you
oh sorry...
miluji te ;)
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