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How do I solve a problem?

No description

Diego de Miranda

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of How do I solve a problem?

Step 1
Check the real points that need
re-design in the student lockers, observing the use, identification ideological and affective of the students with they.

Opinion Research
Step 2
Do an detailed research about several types and systems of lockers, the preference and the need of the users to produce one that suits the real needs of they and enhance their experience ergonomically, providing security at the same time.

Technique and Field Research
Step 3
After all the research and creative processes to start the prototyping of best ideas so that they can be performed usability testing, functionality and user identification, so that suitable adaptations are made and get a better end result.

UX testing
Fixes and new tests
After all the steps described previously (remembering that my methodology may vary depending on the problem proposed), adopt the best option among the developed and observe its implementation in the everyday life of the project targets users in order to correct any distortions that may occur during the period of adaptation to the new system deployed. In this way, functional and creatively solve the problem and improve the quality and life experience of the users of the cabinets.
Problem: Suppose you have been hired to re-design the student lockers at a large public high school. What Process would you use to tackle this project? Describe the most important steps.
Stanford University
Design Thinking Action Lab

How do I solve problems?
Diego de Miranda
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