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My Life as a Katycat

No description

Lynn Raymakers

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of My Life as a Katycat

My Life as a Katycat

How it all started...
In 2008, when I first heard
I kissed a girl, I was 8 or 9 years old.
I really liked the song, but it's kind of weird
when an 8 year old girl is singing 'I kissed
a girl and I liked it'. Not late after hearing I kissed a girl I heard Hot 'n Cold, I really fell in love with the song. I was listening to it 24/7 . I decided to look up some other songs from this certain artist called 'Katy Perry'

Primary School project
We had project month, which we had once in the 2 years. I was in the 7th grade. We needed to choose our favorite song , I chose Hot 'n cold. I needed to look up some information about the artist and the song, So I looked up some information about Katy Perry. I found out what her real name was and when she was born. I needed to present this in front of the class, and everyone liked the song, especially the video. So after that day, I was looking up more information and more songs. I hung up some Posters and I called myself a big fan .
When I was searching video's I found video's of a blog.
Those videos came from www.katyperryblog.com. I took a look on the site, but I wasn't able to read it because it was english, so I just watched some videos but I got bored because I had no idea what she was saying. I found a lot of old songs of her, I was listening to Katy Perry every day and I was talking about her to everyone. But actually, I didn't really know a lot about her...
Teenage dream
On www.katyperry.com there was a countdown to the Teenage Dream album, I was looking on the site everyday how long it took for teenage dream. When It was finally released, I started looking up some songs, when I heard 'Firework' I was in love, it was my favorite song at that time.
When santaclaus came, I finally got Teenage dream myself! I was so happy when I opened it. I also got a Radio so guess what, Teenage dream was playing the whole evening.
California Dreams Tour
Me being late as always with those facts... On a site I saw an ad , it said : BUY KATY PERRY TICKETS FOR THE HMH ONLY €34. I asked my mom If I could go there, but unfortunately my mom said no. I was a bit angry, but my mom promised me I was allowed to go the next time. ( My mom probably thought I wouldn't be a fan anymore)
Part of Me
So Part of me the movie got released, I was like yes ! I can go and see my idol in 3d ! But no, the movie wasn't released in Holland. Later, I found a link to the movie, I watched it and I was like WOW. It blew me away, I was more obsessed with Katy then ever before. I was very active on twitter, and sometimes I tweeted things about Katy, but when I watched the movie I kept tweeting things about her, I made some twitter friends. I knew all the news about Katy, and I was really up to date.
From personal account to fan account..
My twitter account was a personal account. But it turned into kind of a fan account, I talk a lot with katycats all over the world. I fangurl on it, have arguments with other fanbases, and I stay up to date. All my tweets are in English. When started with tweeting about Katy, I found a lot of information about her, I know all her songs now, which are around 300. And of course, the first thing I do in the morning is check Katy's twitter !
Meet Katy
I have joined over a 100 contests to meet Katy, once I was in the final round, but I lost , someone who wasn't even a fan won. But next year she's going on tour, and she has a new thing, called the reflection section, and then you are just in the middle of the stage, so I'm going to buy these tickets ! The tour is called, the Prismatic world tour , and the kick-off place is the UK !
Collecting stuff
I had some stuff already in 2008, but now I collect a lot, I have dvd's , all her perfumes, albums, books, magazines, eyelashes and a LOT more.
I always wanted to look like Katy , so since the beginning, I always went to the hairdresser with a picture of Katy and said , I want this haircut. I also was looking up for the clothes she wore, but they were all very expensive.
As a real katycat you sometimes need to get up early
or stay awake very long. For example when a music video gets released. Timezones are not nice , Katy sometimes does tweet sprees but that's most of the times when I'm asleep so that's not nice !
There are a lot of Katycats I talk to ! We have a whatsapp group with dutch katycats, I have some other dutch & brazilian katycats on whatsapp as well, and I'm in a katycat whatsapp group with german and belgium katycats. I snapchat with american, australian and belgium katycats, and ofcourse I chat with katycats from all over the world on twitter ! It's really nice and we always have great talks ! And soon I'm going to meet a lot of dutch Katycats !
The end
This was kind of a short summary of my life as a Katycat
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