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Shingo Principles of Operational Excellence

No description

David Schmieder

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Shingo Principles of Operational Excellence

The Shingo Principles of Operational Excellence
Guiding Principles
Operational Excellence
Supporting Principles
1. Seek perfection
2. Assure quality at the source
3. Flow and pull value
4. Embrace scientific thinking
5. Focus on process
Guiding Principles
1. Think systematically
2. Create constancy of purpose
Guiding Principles
1. Create value for the customer
Guiding Principles
1. Respect every individual
2. Lead with humility
1. Assure a safe environment
2.Develop people
3.Empower and involve everyone
4. Nurture long-term relationships
Supporting Principles
1. Integrate improvement with work
2. Identify and eliminate waste
3. Keep it simple and visual
4. Focus on value stream
5. Insist on direct observation
6. Standardize processes
7. Rely on data
8. Stabilize processes
Supporting Principles
1. Align strategy
2. Align systems
3.Focus on long-term
4. See reality
Supporting principles
1. Identify cause and effect relationships
2. Align behaviors with performance
3. Measure what matters
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