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Central East Team Day

No description

Ruth O'Loughlin

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Central East Team Day

Central East Team Time
Day 1
Assign Secret Observers
Sacha Berendji
Selfie Team Build
In 3 teams, decide your individual answers to the above questions and populate 5 anonymous post it notes separately with the answers to each of the questions.

Your team now has to guess who’s post it notes belong to which member of another team! Stick them on the individuals Facebook wall to help you decide.

Coffee Break
Make a million £s

It is your objective for your team to raise £1 million pounds by completing as many tasks as possible in the next 2 hours

Remember, safety first and follow the rules!

Who wants to be a Millionaire?
How did your team do?
What went well or less well?

Present your evidence to the banker (Chris Newman) and
we’ll total up your winnings!

Feedback Flip Charts
Leadership: How do you Lead?
Different leadership styles are the characteristics that critically define leaders.

There are 5 major leadership styles – but which one were you?

Leadership: How do you Lead?
Style A = Autocratic Leadership Style
Style B = Bureaucratic Leadership Style
Style C = Democratic Leadership Style
Style D = Laissez Faire Leadership Style
Style E = Paternalistic Leadership Style

‘Be at your best, more of the time’

Secret Observer Feedback
Team Dinner
Conference Call

Dial: 01452 581401 - Access code: 37675291

Make a Million Teams
Visit every person’s flipchart in your group and
add 2 pieces of feedback (positive & constructive)

How do you Lead?
6:30pm for Drinks followed by a meal

Free car parking @ Leicester M&S ?

Leicester Belvoir Street

26 Belvoir Street, LE1 6QH
T: 0116 255 8547
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