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Team Awesome GO!!!

No description

Crow Tomkus

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Team Awesome GO!!!

Team Awesome GO!!!
Title: Noragami: Awaken

Premise: You are a war god willing to do anything for 5 yen. Answer prayers, slay Phantoms, use spirits as weaponry, and build your shrines to become the most influential god in Japan!

Theme: Anime, Action, Role-playing, Japanese

3rd-Person Point of View
Action Adventure
Similar to Bayonetta, God of War and Devil May Cry
Player mode

3rd person POV
In the playing style of the game
Side quests for leveling up
Bayonetta 2
Artificial intelligence
combination of traditional Japanese music with the twist of techno as well to still give off the theme of a more modern Tokyo.
Music provided by the PlayStation 2 game Shinobi
Main character:
Ability to take on enemies
can summon support characters in battle
use other phantoms as weapons
Ability to upgrade power level
Support character(Hiyori):
Support character (Yukine):

Can be summoned as distraction when main player in need of support to defeat enemy
Main action is to be use as a weapon by main character in battle
Xbox One
Wii U
Time Interval
Modern time
Modern Tokyo, Japan
Market: Rated T for Teen
Lighthearted characters
Questions about morality
Broad appeal for Xers and Millennials through ageless characters
Japanese pantheon centered on divine influence
Gods gain influence by accepting offerings in exchange for answering prayers for aid
Gods task spirits as Regalia to act as tools/weapons in their work
Class inequality is a problem for the gods too
Sudden uptick in the birth of new gods and Storms
Mortals are anxious, meaning more Phantoms but also more prayers/offerings
A cadre of dark gods and their Nora are trying to destroy the Pantheon and enslave all of Japan
Just whose side is Yato on anyway??!!
Title / Premise / Theme
Created by the player
Can be male or female (or neither)
Starts as a new god from the Far Shore with zero yen/influence
Characters from the manga/anime appear as supports
Level Structure
Taking on quests, by defeating a certain amount of phantoms. Introduce new characters and objectives through the storyline.
As of the pictures shown are the different type of places the level structures would be taking place to complete quests.
Display critical details, like health and abilities cooldowns
Showcase context-specific details, like boss health
Generally unobtrusive; game should center on player action and spectacle rather than UI
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