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By Lidya Araia Yeat 10 Commerce

No description

Lidya Araia

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of By Lidya Araia Yeat 10 Commerce

Caroline Reed Robertson
By Lidya Araia Yeat 10 Commerce
In November 2000 Caroline Reed Robertson , at the age of 19 pleaded guilty of Rachel Barber's Murder. She was jailed for 20 years and is eligible for parole after serving 14 and a half years of her sentence. Caroline with a character disorder which means that she has maladaptive patterns of behavior, cognition and inner experience.
Caroline who strangled Rachel in a bizarre attempt to assume her identity was the reasoning to her killing Rachel Barber, Caroline was never happy with herself she would keep a diary or send rude and impolite letters to her father and mother. She would be alone most of the time and was never happy with herself so she was fond about how Rachel lived a perfect life 15 year-old young gorgeous girl with everything a teen could ever ask for that's why she was the perfect target for Caroline Reed Reed Robertson.

One entry read: “On the way to dance school, say that she can’t tell anyone that she’s meeting me as I’m not allowed to give the study results to anyone"- Caroline Reed Robertson, Caroline's diary was burden evidence she planned the whole murder out. This lead them straight to Rachel.
Caroline Reed Robertson had intention to kill the young 15 year old dancer Rachel Elizabeth Barber, which in this case is classified as murder. Caroline was charged for murder of Rachel for strangling her with a ligature around her neck. This was marked as murder seeing as there was evidence from her diary called “How to change in nine weeks.”
Actus Rea: Actus rea is the Latin term used to describe a criminal act. Every crime must be considered in two parts-the physical act of the crime (actus rea) and the mental intent to do the crime (mens rea).
Mens Rea: the intention or knowledge of wrongdoing that constitutes part of a crime, as opposed to the action or conduct of the accused.

Malice aforethought is also defined as the proof that is used to convict.
Malice aforethought: Malice aforethought is the intention to commit a crime. For malice aforethought to exist, it must be shown that the accused:

There was no defence because she pleaded guilty.
"Ulimatley I have arrived at the view that a sentence of imprisonment for a period of 20 years should be imposed. I fix a non-parole period of 14 years and six months"-stated in the case of Caroline Reed Robertson. This is a fair amount of time maybe could have been longer considering her actions, but altogether she deserved her time.
Caroline Reed Robertson
The jury verdict was unanimous considering Caroline had already pleaded guilty and there was evidence to prove this.
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