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Monsters Inc. Hero's Journey

No description

Chelsea Wysocki

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Monsters Inc. Hero's Journey

By: Chelsea, Hannah, and Hailey

Sulley found unidentified door
Boo came out
Mike & Sulley = best friends
Mike = manager
Challenge #1
Sulley = best scarer
Fills several scare tanks
Rival = Randal Boggs
Protecting Boo from Randall/Corporation
Boo = problems
Sulley makes Boo invisible
Comforts Mike and Sulley
Helps them return

Hero's Journey
Love and care for Boo
Sulley's strength
Door destroyed
Gets fired
Return Home
Boo saved

Boo goes home
Door is fixed
Finds truth
Enemies jailed
Mastery of Two Worlds
Corporation Bosses
Laughs vs. Screams
Challenge #2
Randall vs. Sulley
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