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No description

Gregory Homa

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of technology

consider the case of the automobile
the first car was produced one at a time
so this made cars expensive and time consuming Now Henry Ford saw the demand
for a better way to assembel cars.
so he invinted the assembly line
he had to pay a great deal for it but it was all
worth it in the end. Technology
Definition: Scientitfic and technical techniques used to produce existing products more efficiently or of higher quality since Henry Ford made the automobile so cheep almost ever one could get one, so which interned ever one to stop walking and helped the industry of gas Todays form of this situation is the i-pod The I-pod is on the must have items
of this time period. Apple saw the demand for
a good and reliable mp3 player. they made them to how the consumer wanted them. they made them able to hold alot of memory for pictures, videos and music. the uprising of the I-pods and mp3s
brought the down fall of cds and portable radios
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