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團結力量大 --- TW.R 聚會錄影地圖 (Draft V1)

No description

Chia-Chi Chang

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of 團結力量大 --- TW.R 聚會錄影地圖 (Draft V1)

MLDM Monday 聚會 Taiwan Use Group spideR Series 初階 進階 Text Mining
相關主題 簡介 中文斷詞 R (tm模組)
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and Unsupervised Learning Git 簡介 Computer Vision RCpp Knitr and Rmd Fusion Table Kriging Method ML for Hackers導讀 Ronny Lighting Talk 感謝曾經參加過 TW.R 社群聚會的大家
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