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UN Task Force Presentation

No description

logan burris

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of UN Task Force Presentation

We chose to have the executive power be elected by popular vote.
Then the citizens have a choice on who they want in their government.
It is the people’s job to choose what they want in their government.
The citizens of Xlandia need as much control as they can get to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. To help prevent this, citizens can have a lot of power so it won’t.
Xlandia Overview
The government of Xlandia should contain a written constitution.
It is easy to access and traditional.
All rights and documents will be written and organized.
Xlandia also needs some organization since they are so unorganized. If there isn’t a constitution to keep their new government in line, then things may get out of hand again.
Federalist System vs. Unitary System
Executive Branch
UN Task Force Presentation

Thanks For Your Time!
By: Logan Burris, Summer Harris, Mark Weiss, Sara Eftang, Cody Kerin, Kobe Glimpse, Anthony Story, and Hayley Mercogliano
Xlandia has a grim governmental history. To start, Xlandia had put a leading tribal family. As new problems slowly arose, the idea of having a democratic government was forgotten. The ruling family had much wealth. Elections were constantly held back and the ruling family became much too controlling. Since then, the military had stopped supporting the ruling family and are now in power of the government.
It is our job to create new, stable government for Xlandia. The citizens of Xlandia prefer to have a democratic system.

A democratic system is a type of government in which all citizens and inhabitants have a say in elections and debates.

Written vs. Unwritten
Written Constitution: an organized way to document rights and laws of people. This also includes how the government should function.

Unwritten Constitution: a constitution in which consists of customs and traditions, etc. which isn't enacted in the form of laws.
Federalist: Power is separated and spread out.
Unitary: Power isn't separated as much and some have more power than others.
We chose to have a Federalist System.
The people should have the same amount of power (or more).
The power will be spread out evenly among all inhabitants of Xlandia.
They don’t have to worry about having the same problem again about the government getting to controlling.

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch

We chose to have a Bicameral Legislative Branch.
There will be multiple perspectives during debates and arguments.
All opinions and ideas will be considered and voiced.
It is more reliable because there are more people making decisions. More people actually have to agree with something before it becomes final.
The wishes of the people will be more recognized with a bicameral system and should help create a better build government.

Judicial: Of, by, or appropriate to a
court or judge.
We chose to have members be elected by the Executive Branch.
The president has the power to find the best electives for the supreme court.
Giving the executive the power to choose who is in the government will create a stronger bond between the two branches.
Allowing the two branches to trust each other will make them work in harmony rather than them being forced to work with each other.
This is best for Xlandia because then the government will be able to work in harmony more, and there will be less tension between branches.
Judicial Branch
We chose to now have judicial review or independence form other branches.
Then judicial branch will not have too much power.
The power is more spread out and equal among all branches.
This is better for Xlandia because then all would be considered equal. The government would all have equal powers and one branch would not be given more power than the other.
Popular Vote: When the citizens get to make the decision in voting, instead of it being made for them.
Popular Vote vs. Appointment
Legislative Branch
Popular Vote vs. Appointment

We chose to have it the Legislative Branch elected by popular vote.
It would be more fair and not be bias by the opinions of the government.
The people get to choose who they want in their government.
If the citizens of Xlandia think that a certain candidate is best for their country, then is should be that way since it is the people’s decision.

Executive Branch
Executive's Role
Shared vs. Single

We decided that the power will be shared.
One branch won’t have too much power over another. All branches will have equality and will not have more power than one another (AKA: separation of power).
Their main role will mostly be directing and ordering the country with consent of the other branches.
Then, the power won’t be centered in one branch, as it was before, but will be more spread out. This will create a more stable government. Their role will be the same as it is in the US.
Presidential System: A government in which the president is separate from the legislative body.
Parliamentary System: A government in with the president is interconnected with the legislative body.
Executive Branch
Parliamentary vs. Presidential System
We decided to have a Presidential System.
Then the powers that decide who the government will be can be decided by the people.
It is more organized than a parliamentary system because of the distinct separation of power and branches.
There is more citizen participation in it. This is great for Xlandia, since they should have as much citizens participation as they can get.
Executive Branch
Protection of Minority Groups
We chose to have it assured in the constitution.
All the country is forced to follow and nobody can be bias.
It is where all things stating the government is present, and that is where this should belong.
It cannot be changed or manipulated over time because its is stated in such an official document.
This is perfect for Xlandia because then the president or head of state cannot change that and make their opinions matter more than the rest of the people.
Builds rust between citizens and government.

Minority Group: A smaller, less popular group. They are often distinctive by culture, ethnicity, and race. It is usually much smaller than the main, more dominant group.
Executive Branch
Military and Civilian Relationship
We chose to have the military controlled by the civilians.
The citizens can kick the government out if they need to.
The citizens deserve to choose how the military should operate, and that isn’t the government’s job to decide.
Having the government control the military will give them too much power and could turn out very bad for the people who live there.
This is great for Xlandia because then the citizens have the security of being able to impeach the president if they need to.

Unicameral Vs. Bicameral
Unitary: When there is one chamber of the legislative branch.
Bicameral: When there are two chambers of the legislative branch.
Judicial Review?
Judicial Review: A court's authority to declare a certain legislative or executive act unconstitutional.
Citizen Participation
Multiple Party vs. Two-Party vs. One-Party System
Multiple Party System
We chose to have a multiple party system.
There are more perspectives and voices that can be considered and heard in arguments and debates.
There is more diversity for citizens. They can pick whatever party they think fits them best.
This is best for Xlandia because they will get to have more diversity in establishing their new government.
Citizen Participation
Voluntary vs. Mandatory
Elections Held Every 4 Years, Voluntary
We chose to have elections held every 4 years and to have voluntary voting.
The president will have enough time to make a difference and affect the country in a good (or bad) way.
For Xlandia, this means that more presidents will be elected so they don’t have to worry about having a bad president for an extended period of time.
Voting will be voluntary because if somebody doesn’t want to vote, then they shouldn’t be forced to. It is not the government's job to determine who should vote and who shouldn’t.

Limited vs. Unlimited Government
Limited: Certain restrictions put on the government to keep them from fully controlling a state/country. This includes: rights of the minority, rule of law, consent of the government, separation or power, and a constitution. Almost all governments have something that will limit their power.

Unlimited: A government makes all of the decisions. The citizens have no say in decisions and in how the government should run.
Individual Rights
The people of Xlandia will have most of the normal basic rights. These include freedom of speech, freedom of religion, protection of law, etc. These will make sure that citizens will always have the ability to do what they want and not be restricted by the government.
Considering our recommendations would definitely help create a strong economy, classless education system, and benefit the citizens of Xlandia.
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