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mee pha

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Company name:

Sanrio Co. Ltd.

Shintaro Tsuji (1927)

Average Sales:

USD $5 billion
Company Main products:
Sells character branded merchandise. stationery, school supplies, gifts and accessories
Company main customers :
Young girls but has extended to adult women as well

“At Sanrio, we believe that a gift is more than just a gift. Rather, a gift is a means of expressing our heartfelt feelings for others.
This philosophy guides all Sanrio activities, whether we're designing a stationery set, a retail store, or an animated television series.”

Company Vision:
Small gift, Big Smile
"to promote what we call "social communication," the sharing of love, respect, caring and friendship. We view each customer as the giver of a gift, even if it is a special something for herself.

The Sanrio product concept provides the opportunity for kids of all ages to share heartfelt feelings with one another through the exchange of a thoughtful, small gift.

Every Sanrio product conveys a message of friendship and happiness, and they are appropriate for virtually all gift-giving occasions - birthdays, holidays, thank yous, visits, good grades, graduation; the possibilities are endless!"
Company Mission:
Company History
August 10, 1960

Shintaro Tsuji starts
Yamanashi Silk


Tsuji expanded
this from silk to rubber sandals with flowers painted on them. Found out that by adding a cute design, his items sold better
April 1973

Company officially
renamed" SANRIO

Hello Kitty is created on
a coin purse

May 1976

Sanrio Inc., a subsidiary
of Sanrio Co. is established
in San Jose, California
December 1990

Sanrio Puroland theme
park opens in Tama City, Tokyo.

May 2008

Hello Kitty appointed as the "tourism ambassador for Visit Japan Campaign in China and Hong Kong" by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

Strong brand recognition
Little information about characters
Simple Design----World Wide appeal
Rotate items, collectibles

Target group does not concern men
Relies on cute concept but people grow
out of that
No strong audience connection ala
Hello Kitty is old and not gaining
new traction

Middle Eastern Expansion
License other well known
Include men in demographics
Copy “cats”
Change in "fashion"
Cash Cow
Question Marks
Supplier Power
Threat of New Entrants
Buyer Power
Does not have much power
because they have many
types of items
Big names such as Disney
Rising popularity of Rilakkuma
Deals with many types
of buyers: Wal-Mart,
Target, and even luxury
brands and dept. stores
Market is unpredictable
however creating long
lasting brands is a
Dying popularity
of "cute"

People will search for
something else
Hello Kitty 1975
Spottie Dotti 1990
Pandapple 2002
My Melody
Show By Rock! Game
SWOT Analysis
Five Forces
BCG Matrix
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