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HR Metrics Service - Conference Loop Presentation

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K Nicholson

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of HR Metrics Service - Conference Loop Presentation

Double click anywhere & add an idea HR Metrics Service It's about benchmarking! Are your competitors offering better career opportunities? Are your retention practices working? Are your employees productive? How healthy is your organization? What's $1500 worth to you?
Is it worth knowing...
Why BC HRMA's HR Metrics Service rules... We're not just Canadian, we're local We know our metrics, benchmarking, HR reporting, databases, HR trends... We audit the results and toss bad data Only service that offers quarterly benchmarking, giving you just-in-time results (not 8 months later...) We show you how to get started, even if you've never benchmarked before Come by for a 15 minute demo at the networking breaks! Visit the Calendar on: www.bchrma.org to register for a free demo in June! Sign up for The Foundation of HR Metrics Workshop in Burnaby, May 27th
Linking Metrics to Strategy webinar on July 21st Learn more about the HR Metrics Service Standardized data definitions meaning
"apple to apple" comparisons You get 4 quarterly reports, plus an annual report It's ok to call us, too! We're nice to you We're confidential. Your data is secure. What's a healthy level of turnover? You input basic data, we calculate your metrics for you Why benchmark HR metrics? It's not all about a single number or result It's about being informed and being able to tell your leaders how you're doing, people-wise It's about knowing industry and economic trends It's about knowing how your organization is trending... ...is your turnover rate getting better because of the recession, or is it going up regardless? ...is productivity going up, along with the rest of the industry?
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