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Hero's Journey of Thor

No description

Kayla Williams

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey of Thor

Step 1: The Call to Adventure
This is the point in a person's life when something important happens that sends the person in a new direction.
Step 2: Refusal of the Call
The first reaction of the hero is that he/she is not worthy or does not desire to be waken from the numbness of his current life. If the call is made and not answered.
The Hero’s Journey of Thor
By: Kayla Williams

Step 4: The Crossing of the First Threshold
At this point, hopefully well-armed the hero leaves the old world and enters the mystical.
Step 5: Belly of the Whale
Step 6: The Road of Trials
During this part of the quest the hero must go through trials, tests, set obstacles to make them stonger , and preparing for the final showdown.
*In Thor his call to adventure is when he is to become king of Asgard . Which is granted upon from his father.
* In Thor his refusal of the call is when the Frost Giants steals the Tesseact (artifact that gives unimaginal power) . This is when he has to make a wise desicison as king to act calmly but he decides to war against the Forst Gaints with a few friends.
Step 3: Supernatural Aid
If the call is answered, the hero receives, discovers, or wins gifts or tools to help on his quest. He gets a guide or helper.
* In Thor his supernatural aid is when his father Odin comes during the war when they are losing and he trys to settle things with the Frost Giants. This is where Obin helped Thor out of trouble.
*In Thor his crossing of the first threshold when his father Odin makes him go to Earth.

The hero passes over the threshold and this passing appears as a death to the old world. The passes into a realm of the dead or night to the unknown.
*In Thor the belly of the whale is when he is sent to earth without his armor nor hammer and he can't come back to earth until he is worthy.
* In Thor the road of trials happening on earth is where he has to get used to what it is like on earth and their cultures without his powers and how to get them back.
Step 7: The Meeting with the Goddess
The goddess is either unattainable, wicked punishing, protective, desired or forbidden. This is when the hero is going to experience love.
* In Thor the meeting of the godess is when he meets Jane the scientist on earth who is going to help him on his quest back home. Thor in which falls in love with Jane.
Step 8: Woman as the Temptress
In order to carry the Boon away, the hero recognizes that his physical flesh prevents his success and he must transcend it.
* In Thor the woman of temptress happens when him and Jane start to spend more time together when they were under the stars and Thor saw that he was getting distracted from his journey.
Step 9: Atonement with the Father
In this step the person must confront and be initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power in his or her life. In many myths and stories this is the father, or a father figure who has life and death power.
* In Thor the atonement with the father is when Loki his brother tells Thor that their father as died and Thor then regretted disobeying his father. But, when Thor returns to Asgard he sees his father is alive.
Step 10: Apotheosis
This is the transformation of the hero where he recognizes that he is more than a mere man. Ideas such as hate and love are merged, duality is destroyed , opposites are surpassed and the hero learns to love enemies and to accept death and life as one.
* In Thor the apotheosis occurred when Loki sent The destroyer to kill Thor and his friends. Thor didnt want the Destroyer to kill or hurt the people of Earth so Thor sacrificed his self. The Destroyer hit Thor and knocked him out. Then, Jane came to help and check on Thor.
Step 11: The Ultimate Boon
The ultimate boon is the gift, truth, or the holy grail.
* In Thor the ultimate boon happens when Thor sacrifices his self for the people on earth to the Destroyer. After this happens his powers are returned because he has become wise like a king. All in all, Thor recieved his lesson during his journey.
Final Stages:

Step 12: Refusal of the Return
Having gained the Ultimate Boon, the hero wants to stay in the place where they have found bliss and enlightenment. Also if it is precious to us when it comes time to return the world, we wish to stay.
* In Thor the refusal of the return occurs when he doesn't want to leave because of Jane. But, he has to because he needs to go back and handle his brother Loki and take control of his planet.
Step 13: The Magic Flight
Sometimes, through the father or goddess is not happy with the hero for leaving and he must escape instead. If he has stolen the boon, he is always pursued.
*In Thor the magic flight occurs as Thor returns to Asgard with the newly reacquired hammer to face Loki.
Step 14: Rescue from Without
Just as the hero may need guides and assistants to set out on the quest, often times he or she must have powerful guides and rescuers to bring them back to everyday life, especially if the person has been wounded or weakened by the experience.
*The injured and restrained Heimdall defies Loki and opens the bridge, returning Thor with his hammer and his friends to Asgard.
Step 15: The Crossing of the Return Threshold
This is the final crisis to return to the world where people half-exist imagine themselves to be complete. The hero must confront an ignorant society with the ego-shattering lifesaving truth.
* In Thor the crossing of the return threshold occurs when he returns to Asgard and as a wise king he has a plan to defeat Loki. Thor faces Loki, whose quest to destroy the Frost Giant's plant. Thor must battle and defeat his brother to save the planet. Thor's determination to do the right thing wins the help of Odin his father, and together they sacrifice the bridge and Thor's only way back to Jane. They save the frost giants and Loki dies.
Step 16: Master of two Worlds
The hero may now pass freely back and forth from one world to the other.
* In Thor the master two worlds can not occur because he destroyed the rainbow bridge which lets them go to different worlds. But, he destroyed it because he didn't want any more monsters from Asgard to affect Earth. Heimdall reveals that Jane is also attempting to search for the path into Asgard using science.
Step 17: Freedom to Live
Mastery leads to freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the moment, neither anticipating the future nor regretting the past.
* Thor and Odin reconnect and reflect on the loss of Loki and celebrate Thor's ascendence to the throne of Asgard. They vow to regain peace, and aid Earth in future needs.
What is the Hero's Journey
The hero's journey is a pattern of narrative identified Joseph Campbell that appears in drama, storytelling, myth, religious ritual, and psychological development.
The Hero' Journey consist of 17 steps that states all the things that heros go through to meet their destination or success.
Why is this Important?
It is important to know this because it helps to understand superhero stories and theater productions.
It also teaches lessons behind stories and movies for example being worth of something or treating others how u want to be treated.
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