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A Beautiful Evil (ReDo)

No description

Erykah Patton

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of A Beautiful Evil (ReDo)

By: Erykah Patton The Negatives of A Beautiful Evil *“The two-story Italianate mansion dominated the corner with its double porches wrapped in iron railings. The mauve paint was faded and chipped. The tall black shutters still framed the windows, though some hung lopsided, barely clinging on.”(28) This was Ari`s home along with Sebastian, Crank, Henri, and Dub. Intimacy *“He (Sebastian) lifted his head a fraction and kissed my tears away. Then his wet lips settled on mine. He stayed there for a long torturous moment, holding my face still, trying to control himself, his lips closed against mine. Shivers raced against me, acting on pure physical instinct.”(205) Extreme Violence *, I rose up and slammed the hilt of the blade into her throat. It gave me enough time to roll her and maneuver the blade properly. Her eyes went wide and she grabbed her throat, gasping. I swung the blade downward.”(233) “It cracked the stone floor instead as I spun and swept my leg into the back of her knees tipping her off balance. I lunged forward, snagging a handful of hair at the back of her head. I was fighting for my life and I knew it. She grabbed my hand and twister her body around until we were face to face. Her green eyes took on a savage light. The she head-butted me. Pain shot through my face, blinding me. I stumbled back as warm blood gushed from my nose and down my mouth. I sucked some of it in as I opened my mouth to breathe, making me choke on my own blood. Athena`s hand curled around my throat. She walked me backward, up to the dais steps, to stand before her throne and give everyone a view of victory” (234) Against the Law Would you kiss your mother with that mouth? *"Shit" Henri said suddenly, turning around to face his missing wall *"Maybe there's a psychotic bitches support group you could join." *"Fucking great" *"Hell yes, you are." * Stop being a supreme asshole" Who`s been digging in the graveyard? *“Spits (who) was a guy in the quarter who bought the things Dub scavenged in the cemeteries. He cleaned the sell able items and resold them to the tourist in his antique shop, and the tourist didn’t have a clue they were buying and wearing stuff taken off dead people.” (31)
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