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Social Studies Prezi

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Noah Reeder

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Social Studies Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Subarctic People
Tools & Food
Food & Tools 2
They didn't have many things that they used for transportation; In the Summer they used the Canoe, In the Winter They used The Snowshoe. The Snowshoe was very important; it allowed them to walk on top of the Snow, therefore helping them to hunt.
by Madison, Noah, Brittney and Maren
Q: What kind of tools did they make?
A: Spears,Knives,Bow and Arrows,Snowshoes,Toboggans,Canoes,Spoons,Ladles
Q: Who made the tools?
A: Men made Hunting tools and things like that. Women made tools to use with the food

Q: how did they catch the Food?
A: Fishing, Snowshoes, Nomadic, Spears, Knives.
Q: Who caught the Food?
A: Men and Women; Women-berries/Winter Storage, Men-Game/Fishing
Q: How did they get around?
A: They used Snowshoes;(They helped hunt), Walking, Canoe
Q: Was it different in different Seasons?
A: Yes; Spring-canoe, Winter-Snowshoes
Q: How did they make their Transportation?
A: Canoe-Spruse/Birch Bark
The subarctic people use lots of tools to go hunting they use snowshoes, knives, spears, bow & arrows, fishing rods. Some of the animals they hunted were Bison, deer, fish, birds, berries and vegetables.
what we have in this diarama
is this person getting food
what kinds of berries apples blue
somtimes the catch fish with spears and knive
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