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Fagin's iPhone

No description

Teja Pulavarthi

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Fagin's iPhone

Background Wallpaper:

Lock Screen:

Vintage handkerchief pattern

Home Screen:

$100 Bills
Fagin's iPhone
By: Teja P., Stephen K., and Sanath T.

Hangman Free- a game to represent Fagin's hanging because of his criminal acts.

Chase Mobile- an app to help manage all the illegal money Fagin has with him.

Just Jew It Magazine- Fagin in the book is of Jewish religion so this would inform him on all things Jewish.

Most Wanted- an app that would help Fagin determine what criminals to employ and who not to.

Criminal Spot- This app shows where crimes happened in his local area so he can stay away from those spots.

Robbery Bob- an app that determines Fagin's ability in crime and robbery and tests his mind.
Bill Sikes
Artful Dodger

Bill Sikes: "Where's my money! You owe me!"

Nancy: "Please leave Oliver alone."

Monks: "Find that boy!"

Police: "We're gonna find you one day!"

Artful Dodger: "Just robbed a clueless old man!"

Noah: "Man it's so easy robbing little kids!"

Bill Sikes
Artful Dodger
Toby Crackit
Bill Sikes: One of Fagin's best workers. Doesn't like Fagin at all. The one who killed Nancy.

Nancy: Another one of Fagin's workers. The only one who actually cares for Oliver.

Monks: Oliver's step-brother and the boss of Fagin. Was in search of his father's money.

Artful Dodger: A pickpocket and the one who took Oliver to Fagin when Oliver was escaping the Sowerberry's.

Noah: Lived at the Sowerberry's and was blackmailed by Fagin and now has to work for him. Spied on Dodger when he was arrested and on Nancy causing Bill to kill her.

Charlie: The Artful Dodger's friend and also works for Fagin.

Barney: An associate of Fagin's who is also Jewish like Fagin.

Toby Crackit: Works for Fagin and helped Sikes when they tried to rob the Maley's mansion.

Silver Snuff Box
Mansion Blueprints
The Three Cripples
This case is inspired by Fagin's personality. Fagin is actually a wealthy man that doesn't flaunt his riches. If he did, people would have been suspicious. This case although it doesn't look like it, is actually about $2-3k. Most people wouldn't have known that unless they observe it closely and what it does just like with Fagin.
This conversation describes the starting of the scenario between Bill and Fagin before Bill kills Nancy. This is when Fagin tells Bill about Nancy ratting them out. They got this information because of Noah's eavesdropping on Nancy and the group at the London Bridge. This part of the book was a major turning point and was when we find out who Bill Sikes really is.
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